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About Us

“The ZHAW School of Management and Law relies on three success factors: excellence in research, a national identity with an international focus, and study programs including BSc, MSc, and continuing education programs that are both innovative in their content and teaching methods as well as practically oriented.”

Prof. Dr. Reto Steiner, Dean and Managing Director, ZHAW School of Management and Law

Vision Statement

Our educational programs and our research in management and law enable entrepreneurial activity and contribute to resolving social challenges. We stand for Swiss excellence with a global reach.

Mission Statement

We deliver innovative, interdisciplinary and intellectually challenging education in management, economics and law, enabling our graduates to compete successfully in the domestic and international environment.

We contribute to the success of private and public sector enterprises and organizations through research, continuing education and consulting.

We practice and actively promote sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

Our highly qualified faculty and staff utilize their expertise to advance knowledge and practice in areas most relevant to our stakeholders.

Rooted in the Zurich metropolitan area we cultivate strong national and international alliances and partnerships.

Building Competence. Crossing Borders.


Strategic Positioning

The ZHAW School of Management and Law (ZHAW SML) has the following strategic focus areas, making it a national leader with an international standing:

Quality and Employees

The ZHAW SML is a leading business school and meets the world’s highest quality standards. The ZHAW SML creates an environment that allows it to attract, develop, and retain qualified, motivated, and performance-oriented employees.

Teaching and Learning

The ZHAW SML offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and cooperative PhD programs with both a national and international focus that are challenging, performance-oriented, and geared towards practical application. It promotes holistic and critical thinking among students and empowers them to assume responsibility.

Research and Development

The ZHAW SML is recognized within the scientific community as an excellent business school and a competent partner for applied research and development at an internationally competitive level.

Continuing Education and Services

The ZHAW SML positions itself as a successful national, and in some areas also international, provider of innovative and customer-oriented continuing education and services.

Social Responsibility

The ZHAW SML positions itself as a responsible business school and contributes to the sustainable development of society.

Networks and Cooperation

The ZHAW SML is closely involved with civil society, business, and science, fosters national and international networks, and cooperates with strategic partners.

Our Seven Core Values

Goal Orientation and Respectful Cooperation

We work together in a respectful and cooperative way which transcends structural boundaries. We promote and value the skills of all our employees, regardless of their position in the organization.

Creative Freedom

We offer a working environment which promotes initiative and creativity. We encourage and expect our employees to be motivated and to think and act independently. We support innovation and give our employees a platform to explore and communicate new ideas.


We safeguard and cultivate diversity for the benefit of knowledge acquisition, innovation, and social cohesion. The diversity of our employees is fundamental to our success.

Integrity & Academic Freedom

We behave with integrity in all we do. We believe in the value and preservation of academic and organizational freedom.


We set ourselves ambitious goals and consistently deliver quality work in our four performance areas. We are guided by scientific principles in all we do.


Through innovative knowledge generation, transfer, and application, we make a relevant contribution to the welfare and development of society as a whole.

Personal Contacts

We promote and cultivate personal contacts with our stakeholders (*) to assist in collaborative ventures.

(*) Stakeholders include commercial clients, universities, other ZHAW schools and departments, sponsors, chambers of commerce, media, learned societies, official bodies, and professional associations.

Facts and Figures

Retention Rates for Our Degree Programs and Continuing Education Programs

Retention rates are used to measures the proportion of students of degree programs and participants of continuing education programs who are successful in completing their academic studies.

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

A Bachelor’s program consists of two stages: first-year studies and main study period.

Master of Science (MSc)

Our consecutive Master’s programs have a retention rate of 75%.

Continuing Education Master’s Programs (EMBA; MAS)

Our continuing education Master’s programs have a retention rate of 95%.