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About Us

“The ZHAW School of Management and Law relies on three success factors: excellence in research, a national identity with an international focus, and study programs including BSc, MSc, and continuing education programs that are both innovative in their content and teaching methods as well as practically oriented.”

Prof. Dr. Reto Steiner, Dean and Managing Director, ZHAW School of Management and Law

Mission Statement

We deliver innovative, interdisciplinary and intellectually challenging education in management, economics and law, enabling our graduates to compete successfully in the domestic and international environment.

We contribute to the success of private and public sector enterprises and organizations through continuing education, research and consulting.

We practice and actively promote sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

Our highly qualified faculty and staff utilize their expertise to advance knowledge and practice in areas most relevant to our stakeholders.

Rooted in the Zurich metropolitan area we cultivate strong national and international alliances and partnerships.

Building Competence. Crossing Borders.

Facts and Figures

Retention Rates for Our Degree Programs and Continuing Education Programs

Retention rates are used to measures the proportion of students of degree programs and participants of continuing education programs who are successful in completing their academic studies.

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

A Bachelor’s program consists of two stages: first-year studies and main study period.

  • The retention rate for students in their first-year studies is 70%.
  • In the case of students not passing their first-year studies and having to repeat part of the program, the retention rate is 50%.
  • The retention rate for the main study period of Bachelor’s programs is 95%. Approximately 90% of students complete their main study period within the standard period required (i.e., 2 years for full-time and 2.5 years for part-time students).

Master of Science (MSc)

Our consecutive Master’s programs have a retention rate of 75%.

Continuing Education Master’s Programs (EMBA; MAS)

Our continuing education Master’s programs have a retention rate of 95%.