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Center for Arts Management

"Our competence center focuses on research, consultancy, and education at the intersection between culture, business, society, politics, and the NPO sector that are relevant for the current managerial challenges in cultural organizations."

Prof. Dr. Leticia Labaronne, Head of Center for Arts Management

At the Center for Arts Management of the School of Management and Law, we deal with all aspects of management and policymaking in the arts sector. These include cultural production, organization, and outreach. Furthermore, we are active in the cultural and creative industries and in related disciplines such as public and NPO management, fundraising, sponsoring, and event management.

Continuing education

We offer a range of well-established continuing education programs for arts management, event management, sponsoring and the non-profit sector. These include Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) programs, Diploma and Certificate (DAS and CAS) programs, and subject-specific continuing education courses. Our continuing education portfolio is directly influenced by findings from the academic community and professional practice. Furthermore, it includes methodological diversity and promotes strategic thinking, entrepreneurial action, and innovation.

Research and consulting

We research on issues surrounding cultural policy, private funding for the arts, cultural participation, audience development, cultural management and governance, production, and innovation in the creative industries (cultural entrepreneurship), fundraising, and evaluation in the arts and NPO sectors. We share our findings through workshops, conferences, journals, and other academic publications.

Consulting and services

Our research endeavors form the basis for our consulting services. We develop cultural policy strategies, expert reports, and feasibility studies. We also evaluate projects, programs, and organizations and conduct audience and fundraising surveys.

Degree programs

We teach an elective course about cultural management in the Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration at the School of Management and Law. Within the elective, students learn about the economic, political, sociological, and cultural-theoretical prerequisites and other aspects of leadership in the arts and creative industries. They become familiar with issues at the intersection of the market and subsidization, a particular feature of the management of cultural projects and cultural institutions.