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Center for Strategy & Leadership

The Center for Strategy & Leadership combines specialist knowledge on content-related, organizational, and HR management issues. Our application-oriented research addresses design issues relating to strategic processes and situation-appropriate leadership. Our focus is on the long-term successful orientation of organizations in creating added value for society. In our research as well as in continuing education and teaching, we work closely with partners in the business world to generate knowledge that benefits all parties involved.

Our core competencies – with a multi-dimensional view of strategy and leadership

  • New leadership approaches, leadership at a distance, ambidextrous leadership, and self-leadership
  • Agile strategy processes and strategy sizes
  • Individual and organizational mindfulness
  • Corporate ethics and sustainability management
  • Strategic diversity and inclusion management

Management & Team

Continuing Education Programs

We bring our expertise in strategy and leadership to various continuing education programs, for example:

Research Projects

We research current, practice-relevant issues in strategic leadership, such as:

Consulting and Other Services

We support organizations with a process-oriented consulting approach to developing their strategic direction and design of leadership, diversity, and mindfulness through conception and the facilitation of workshops, in-house training, and coaching.