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Center for Corporate Responsibility

The Center for Corporate Responsibility (CCR) deals with questions relating to corporate responsibility and sustainability management. We develop practically relevant strategies and tools, assist companies in their conception and implementation, and provide specialist training. In dealing with interdisciplinary topics, we cooperate with specialists from other departments and other ZHAW schools, as well as with partner universities and business partners in Switzerland and abroad.


Continuing Education

Many companies are eager to show that their business has a positive impact on society. To be credible, they need a professional approach. This ensures that the relevant topics are recognized and integrated into the strategy, structure, and culture of the company. The tools and standards used for the purpose are in a state of continuous development. That is why our experts rely on the experience and knowledge gained from numerous projects and from their applied research and pass them on in a range of different continuing education formats. 

Research and Development

In association with the companies that commission us, we conduct applied research and development and design innovative solutions to address current challenges of sustainability management. Our research is often state-funded (e.g., Innosuisse projects). We also produce studies for public and private customers on selected aspects of corporate responsibility.


We support companies in the planning and implementation of their sustainability and social responsibility endeavors. Topics include stakeholder and subject analysis, mission statement development, controlling, and reporting, as well as the integration of sustainability into corporate functions such as procurement or HR management, using strategies and tools that we develop in cooperation with our customers.

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