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MSc in Business Administration – Major Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Bild Gunther Kucza
"Leave the well-trodden path and dare to forge your own by means of inspiration, creativity, and entrepreneurial craftsmanship. Leave the ivory tower of your university and go out into the market."

Prof. Dr. Gunther Kucza, Head of Program

The concept of our MSc in Business Administration with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is oriented towards the future needs of entrepreneurial graduates. The focus is on learning the skills for innovation-oriented activity, both in existing companies and in start-ups. In addition, students learn to cross both disciplinary and organizational boundaries and to lead and build entrepreneurial initiatives.

At a Glance

Title: Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration with a Specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Start of New Program: Mid-September
Workload: 90 ECTS credits (equivalent to approx. 2,700 hours of study)
Duration: 4 semesters (while enrolled in the program, students can hold a part-time job or do family work not exceeding a workload of 50%)
Registration deadline: 30 May 2020 - Registration
Location: Winterthur
Tuition Fee: CHF 720.- per semester + additional study-related expenses
Admission Requirements: Admission Procedure
Language of instruction: German and English
Accreditation: AACSB

What You Will Learn

A Master in Business Administration with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will give you the tools to actively manage and design innovation projects both in established organizations and in a start-up environment. You will be fully prepared for the opportunities and challenges of working in a rapidly changing work environment. In addition, you may be motivated to engage in your personal entrepreneurial activities. As a result, you will have excellent career development and long-term promotion opportunities.

By majoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, you will…

The flexible structure of this degree program also offers you the opportunity to acquire individual subject-specific skills by completing electives in the areas of ICT / digitalization, marketing, communication, and social entrepreneurship.

Your Career Prospects



Program Structure and Admission

As Flexible as You

The degree program enables you work part-time (50 percent workload). Classes take place on Monday and Tuesday. In addition to advancing your knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship, you will further develop your management skills and work on real-world projects in our Innovation & Venture Lab, developing interdisciplinary entrepreneurial solutions. In a semester abroad, you can build an international network of contacts, deepen your knowledge of foreign languages, and experience the subject matter from a different perspective.

What You Need to Qualify

Applications undergo an admission procedure. Admission is decided by the head of the program. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

* If an applicant does not yet have all the entrance qualifications required for admission, or if the applicant’s Bachelor's degree is from a related degree program, he or she may be admitted under the condition of providing additional qualifications later.