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USA Today

Ukraine burns. Republicans and Biden dither. And Russia's Vladimir Putin smiles.

In his opinion piece for USA Today, Christopher Hartwell, Head of the ZHAW International Management Institute, discusses why Ukraine needs military support from countries that have a vested interest in stopping Russian aggression in Eastern Europe.

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Schaffhauser Nachrichten

Companies in search of purpose: more than just a marketing ploy?

In this interview, Albena Björck, a researcher at the ZHAW in the field of strategic management with a focus on purpose-oriented organizations, explains the opportunities and risks of management and marketing that is based on the concept of purpose and thus promises social or ecological meaning beyond the pursuit of profit.

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Eldorado with pitfalls

India wants to make better use of its potential. There are opportunities for Swiss companies. But is the country already an alternative to China? The Handelszeitung provides current insights and quotes Dominique Ursprung, lecturer and Deputy Head of the Center for Global Competitiveness at the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

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All career paths open

Professional continuing education in management and leadership opens doors to new opportunities, a wide range of commitments and different professions. Management knowledge is always in demand, everywhere. The Handelszeitung presents the MAS Business Administration of the ZHAW School of Management and Law, a successful program that has been running for 25 years.

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28 November 2023
Financial education of the Swiss (youth)

In a talk with Felix Niederer from TrueWealth, Dr. Michael J. Kendzia, Head of the BSc International Management program at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, talks about the financial literacy of young people in Switzerland – and presents some surprising facts.

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Lecturers and their new role

In the "Bildung + Karriere" supplement of the Handelszeitung, ZHAW guest lecturers Petronella Vervoort and Nicole Vogler talk about their position at the university, their motivation for interactive teaching and the fundamental change in the educational landscape in recent years.

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12 November 2023
"YouTube? We can do better than that"

In the "Bildung + Karriere" supplement of the Swiss SonntagsZeitung, Prof. Florian Keller takes a look at the current Swiss education and business landscape in an interview and explains what the Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the ZHAW School of Management and Law has that puts it ahead of the competition.

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TVP World

06 November 2023
The Kremlin’s Gamble: Military Spending Amid Economic Woes

The Russian economy continues to fulfill its main functions under the Western sanctions regime, while military spending is increasing. The economic and political consequences as well as the historical roots of Russia's actions, looking back to the Tsarist Empire and the Soviet era, were discussed by Prof. Christopher Hartwell, Head of the ZHAW International Management Institute, on TVP World.

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The Conversation

Empire building has always come at an economic cost for Russia – from the days of the czars to Putin’s Ukraine invasion

In this article, published jointly with Paul Vaaler, the Head of the ZHAW International Management Institute Christopher Hartwell examines the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine for Russia – and shows the historical continuity of the challenge of shaping and maintaining a Russian empire as well as integrating recalcitrant territories like Ukraine.

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This is how the circuits work

The article takes a look at the CAS Managing Circular Economy continuing education program at the ZHAW School of Management and Law and conveys the extent to which the program responds to the need for an in-depth economic examination of the principle of circular economy.

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Die Volkswirtschaft

Queue in front of the transpacific free trade area

The article by SML's Dominique Ursprung in "Die Volkswirtschaft" deals with the dynamic development of the CPTPP free trade zone and its importance for the Swiss economy.

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung PRO Global


Ukraine's reconstruction is an opportunity

The article by Peter A. Fischer deals with the extent to which Ukraine wants to shake off the war and its Soviet past and become a modern Western state - even if this will not be easy. The article is partly based on analyses by IMI director Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell.

Read the full article here(PDF 131,6 KB) (German)

Die Wirtschaftsfrau

Courageous and open to the modern world of work

The business magazine provides information on topics related to women and careers. In the current issue, lecturer Dr. Albena Björck talks about non-traditional career models, competencies and the role of purpose in a hybrid and fast-paced world of work.

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How the shadow economy pushes energy reform in Central Asia

Christopher Hartwell, professor and economist at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, spoke with Eurasianet about the research and why reform in Central Asia is more likely to come from the grassroots than from government mandates.

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ZHAW Impact

New study program: Circular economy in all its facets

To become climate-neutral, completely new, holistic business models are needed. However, companies still lack the appropriate specialists. This is precisely where the new interdisciplinary ZHAW Master's Program in Circular Economy Management, led by Prof. Dr. Christian Vögtlin, comes in.

Read the full article here(PDF 164,9 KB) (German)

TVP World

Post-war plan for rebuilding Ukraine

In the Business Arena, host David Kennedy took a closer look at the economic priorities of post-war Ukraine. Topics discussed included: the reconstruction of Ukraine, post-war recommendations, and integration into the European Union. TVP World's guest was Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell of the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

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Chicago Tribune

Ukraine has the means to strengthen an economy battered by war with Russia

On the occasion of the anniversary in Ukraine, Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell published an article in the Chicago Tribune on the economic reconstruction of Ukraine after the war. The article is the result of a DIZH project and was written in cooperation with Ukrainian, Polish, Slovakian and Swiss collaborators.

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With an MBA to self-employment

André Bruggmann and Marco Hiestand - two ZHAW alumni - explain how they now run their own company thanks to the MBA.

Read the full article here (online, German)


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