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Crisis communication is a management matter

An interview with Dr. Albena Björck in the online magazine “Persönlich”, the leading online platform of the Swiss marketing and communications industry.

Read the whole article here German)

ZHAW Impact

Innovation in harmony with the population

With the EU research project "Leveraging Leadership for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Territories", the ZHAW accompanies the municipality of Thalwil on its way to sustainability. An article in the ZHAW magazine "Impact" about the project of the Centers for Corporate Responsibility.

Read the full article here(PDF 87,7 KB) German)

Emerging Europe

Extension of fuel price cap would put Hungary on course for yet more EU trouble

Hungary’s cap on fuel prices has done nothing to halt rampant inflation while causing shortages and angering the EU. Nevertheless, PM Viktor Orbán is considering extending the cap into next year. An article with an expert opinion by Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell.

Read the full article here (online)

ZHAW SML Competence

The new MSc in Circular Economy Management at the ZHAW

The interdepartmental MSc in Circular Economy Management is considered one of the first degrees of its kind in Switzerland. It is primarily aimed at people with a Bachelor's degree in the fields of technology, economics or natural sciences. An article in the ZHAW SML magazine Competence by the Head of program Michael Farley.

Article as PDF(PDF 124,9 KB) (German)

Arirang News

How will U.S. midterm elections affect the situation, and will there be peace talks soon?

It's been nearly nine months since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began. Since then, the heat of the war continues despite global efforts to support Ukraine's defense as well as promote peace talks between the two countries. Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell is a guest of Arirang News and speaks on this topic.

See the video here

TVP World

How reliable is the Russian budget?

The episode hosted by David Kennedy featured the following leading stories: Russia’s secret spending hides over USD 110 billion in the 2023 budget, a deal freeing up grain exports from Ukraine. The guest on the TVP World program is Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell.

See the video here

ZHAW Impact

A second life for discarded e-bike batteries

The production and recycling of lithium batteries requires a lot of energy. ZHAW researchers supported a company with a convincing solution for discarded batteries from electric bicycles.

Read the full article here (online)
Article as PDF(PDF 208,2 KB) (German)

ZHAW Impact

Hybrid Diplomacy: building bridges to big tech

The digital transformation has changed the requirements for diplomats. Increasingly, people with an understanding of new technologies are being sought as bridge builders to big tech companies.

Read the full article here (online)
Article as PDF(PDF 193,4 KB) (German)

"Tech Ambassadors" as a new working reality in diplomacy
Report in the SML-Blog (German)


Zukünftige Executives im Stresstest

Die derzeitigen Umwälzungen fliessen auch in die Kursinhalte ein. Ebenso wichtig: neugierige und mutige Menschen. Ein Beitrag mit Aussagen von Dr. Florian Keller, Studiengangsleiter Master of Business Administration an der ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Read the full article here(PDF 352,0 KB) (German)


Zwei Ambitionierte und ihr MBA

Ein Sanitärlehrling und eine Biologiestudentin fanden auf ziemlich unterschiedlichen Wegen zurück auf die Schulbank. Ein Portrait der beiden MBA-Alumnis Rahel Leugger und Patrick Gauss.

Read the full article here(PDF 325,6 KB) (German)

Arirang Global Insight

Will inflation continue and will interest rates get higher?

U.S. consumer prices once again surged in August, further stirring up inflation amid rising costs for rents and healthcare. Inflation it seems, is everywhere. Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell and Tuan M. Nguyen, U.S. Economist at RSM discuss the topic.

See the video here

TVP World

Ukrainian economy likely to contract at a rate of some 35 to 45 percent this year

While they have a breathing period for repaying debt, the hard work of keeping the economy going is going to involve some difficult decision-making on issues like taxation and spending. What is the role of the west in helping the Ukraine keep going? Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell talks about this on TVP World.

See the video here

Chicago Tribune

Dmytro Boyarchuk and Christopher Hartwell: A Ukrainian postwar recovery plan needs specifics now

While it is premature to declare Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over, it is critical to lay the foundation for what a postwar Ukraine would look like. A contribution from Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell.

Read the full article here (online)

Stratos – Military Science Journal of the Swiss Armed Forces

Squabbles Over New Federal Office for Cybersecurity

Dominique Ursprung and Nicolas Zahn published an article in the Military Science Journal of the Swiss Armed Forces arguing, that when creating such a new organisational unit, it is not form that matters but how well it can achieve its purpose.

Read here the article in PDF format(PDF 515,7 KB) (German)
Stratos Magazin (online, German)
SML-Update Blog (English)

TVP World

Effectiveness of EU sanctions on Russia

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell shares his opinion on the effectiveness of sanctions imposed on Russia in TVP World's Business Arena.

See the video here

ZHAW Impact

Managing Crises: Contributions from the Department of International Business

Khaldoun Dia-Eddine: Interview on the topic of overcoming crises
Christopher Hartwell: After the war comes the reform
Florian Keller: 72 Stunden Krise (German)
Herbert Winistörfer: In der Corona-Krise hat die Nachhaltigkeit zugelegt (German)
Fabio Duma: Auf Tuchfühlung mit dem Kunsthandwerk (German)

Forum for Ukrainian Studies

Property rights in Ukraine: Crucial for postwar reconstruction

While the Russo-Ukrainian war still rages in Ukraine, with Russia pressing tactical advantages in the Donbas, policymakers have begun to look ahead to what a postwar Ukraine might look like. A contribution from Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell.

Read the full article here (online)

TVP World

What game is Turkey playing? The future of NATO alliance. Will Ukraine join EU?

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell was on TVP World in Poland for an extended interview on Ukraine and especially Finland.

See the video here


Should Russia Be Excluded from the G20?

After the exclusion from the G8 in 2014, should Russia be banned from the G20, too? Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell and Gautam Chikermane (Vice President at Observer Research Foundation (ORF), India) weigh in.

Read the full article here (online)

New Dawn

Institutional development of Ukraine in light of the EU integration

The “New Dawn” initiative aims at bringing together Ukrainian, Polish, and European scientists, researchers, and social and political activists as part of series of meetings devoted to the challenges Ukraine will face after the end of the war. Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell is one of the key-note speakers.

See the video here

Swiss IT Magazine

Actively managing cyber risks

The risk of falling victim to a cyberattack is constantly increasing. And so is the need for companies to protect themselves against them. Comprehensive and far-sighted risk management plays a key role in countering the threats. An article by Carlos Casián, Carlo Pugnetti and Albena Björck.

Read the full article here (online, German)
Article as PDF(PDF 217,4 KB) (German)

Arirang Global Insight

Ukraine not willing to give up Donbas region

Mariupol refuses to surrender as Russian strikes continue. Peace talks are still going nowhere. Experts Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell (ZHAW) and Raphael Cohen (Director, Strategy and Doctrine Program, RAND Project AIR FORCE) discuss the latest developments of the war in Ukraine.

See the video here


Why Russian exports disappear en masse on their way to Switzerland

The massive discrepancy in the declaration of goods values, which can be seen in a newly compiled mirror statistic, is not an exception, but corresponds to the long-standing pattern of Russian exports to Switzerland. A contribution by Dominique Ursprung and Matteo Mösli.

Read the full article here (online, German)
The NZZ also picked up the article:
Sanctions against Putin daughters (German)

Arirang Global Insight

How far will Putin go and is peace possible?

The war in Ukraine is continuing to cause devastation with peace talks seemingly going nowhere. Will an end to the war be possible? Global Insight in conversation with Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell (ZHAW) und Maia Cross, Edward W. Brooke Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at Northeastern University.

See the video here

ZHAW Impact

«Man darf keine Berührungsängste haben»

Andreas Läderach ist seit über 30 Jahren im Facility Management tätig. Nun absolviert er eine anspruchsvolle Weiterbildung, den MAS in Business Administration. Ein Beitrag im ZHAW Impact mit dem Hauptthema «Silver Society» oder wie man sich mit «Ü50» nochmals für eine Weiterbildung motiviert.

Read the full article here (online, German)
Article as PDF(PDF 209,3 KB) (German)


Wenn der Arbeitskollege plötzlich im Luftschutzkeller sitzt

Viele Zürcher IT-Firmen beschäftigen Entwickler in der Ukraine. Die Zusammenarbeit läuft trotz Krieg weiter. Der Job lenke ihn vom Elend ab, sagt ein Programmierer. Ein Beitrag im Tages-Anzeiger mit einem Kommentar von Dr. Benedikt Zoller-Rydzek, der an der ZHAW über IT-Nearshoring forscht.

Read the full article here (online, German)
Article as PDF(PDF 151,1 KB)


Mit Kreativität aus der Krise

Wer Zukunftskompetenz entwickelt, nimmt Krisen durch Vorausschau vorweg. Und das ist lernbar, auch an der ZHAW. Dozentin Dr. Albena Björck über Kommunikation während der Krise.

Read the full article here(PDF 329,9 KB) (German)

Arirang Global Insight

Experts' takes on Russia's war on Ukraine

Global Insight with an in-depth look at important developments in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Guests are Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell (ZHAW) and KIM Won-soo, Rector of the Global Academy for Future Civilizations at Kyung Hee University in Seoul.

See the video here

Stratos - Military Science Journal of the Army

Ukraine: The Need for Economic Depth as Part of the Ability to Resist

In an analysis for the military science journal of the Swiss Armed Forces - Stratos - Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell explains the economic importance of the warring parties Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Read the full article here(PDF 222,2 KB)
Stratos (online)
SML-Update Blog


Parkiet PLUS

As a result of sanctions, the ruble will become virtually non-convertible

The economic sanctions imposed on Russia are both harsh and lenient. The West needs to wean itself off Russian raw materials, but this requires greater US involvement in the energy market, says Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell of the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Read the full article here (online, Polisch)
English translation as a PDF(PDF 131,2 KB)

Arirang Global Insight

Tensions escalate as Western governments warn Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment

An interview on Arirang Global Insight about the Ukraine conflict with guest Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell, Head International Management Institute.

See the video here

Arirang Global Insight

Tension rising in Ukraine as U.S. experts warn of possible Russian invasion

In Arirang Global Insight, Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell discusses the ongoing developments and whether the window for a diplomatic solution is narrowing.

See the video here

Emerging Europe

Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania take key step towards coveted OECD membership

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell with an expert opinion on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Emerging Europe.

Read the full article here (online)