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Neue Zürcher Zeitung PRO Global


Ukraine's reconstruction is an opportunity

The article by Peter A. Fischer deals with the extent to which Ukraine wants to shake off the war and its Soviet past and become a modern Western state - even if this will not be easy. The article is partly based on analyses by IMI director Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell.

Read the full article here(PDF 131,6 KB) (German)

Die Wirtschaftsfrau

Courageous and open to the modern world of work

The business magazine provides information on topics related to women and careers. In the current issue, lecturer Dr. Albena Björck talks about non-traditional career models, competencies and the role of purpose in a hybrid and fast-paced world of work.

Read the full article here (online, German)


How the shadow economy pushes energy reform in Central Asia

Christopher Hartwell, professor and economist at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, spoke with Eurasianet about the research and why reform in Central Asia is more likely to come from the grassroots than from government mandates.

Read the full article here (online)

ZHAW Impact

New study program: Circular economy in all its facets

To become climate-neutral, completely new, holistic business models are needed. However, companies still lack the appropriate specialists. This is precisely where the new interdisciplinary ZHAW Master's Program in Circular Economy Management, led by Prof. Dr. Christian Vögtlin, comes in.

Read the full article here(PDF 164,9 KB) (German)

TVP World

Post-war plan for rebuilding Ukraine

In the Business Arena, host David Kennedy took a closer look at the economic priorities of post-war Ukraine. Topics discussed included: the reconstruction of Ukraine, post-war recommendations, and integration into the European Union. TVP World's guest was Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell of the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

See the video here (online)

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Chicago Tribune

Ukraine has the means to strengthen an economy battered by war with Russia

On the occasion of the anniversary in Ukraine, Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell published an article in the Chicago Tribune on the economic reconstruction of Ukraine after the war. The article is the result of a DIZH project and was written in cooperation with Ukrainian, Polish, Slovakian and Swiss collaborators.

Read the full article here (online)


With an MBA to self-employment

André Bruggmann and Marco Hiestand - two ZHAW alumni - explain how they now run their own company thanks to the MBA.

Read the full article here (online, German)

Highlights 2022


Crisis communication is a management matter

An interview with Dr. Albena Björck in the online magazine “Persönlich”, the leading online platform of the Swiss marketing and communications industry.

Read the full article here (German)

ZHAW Impact

Innovation in harmony with the population

With the EU research project "Leveraging Leadership for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Territories", the ZHAW accompanies the municipality of Thalwil on its way to sustainability. An article in the ZHAW magazine "Impact" about the project of the Centers for Corporate Responsibility.

Read the full article here(PDF 87,7 KB) (German)

ZHAW SML Competence

The new MSc in Circular Economy Management at the ZHAW

The interdepartmental MSc in Circular Economy Management is considered one of the first degrees of its kind in Switzerland. It is primarily aimed at people with a Bachelor's degree in the fields of technology, economics or natural sciences. An article in the ZHAW SML magazine Competence by the Head of program Michael Farley.

Article as PDF(PDF 124,9 KB) (German)

ZHAW Impact

A second life for discarded e-bike batteries

The production and recycling of lithium batteries requires a lot of energy. ZHAW researchers supported a company with a convincing solution for discarded batteries from electric bicycles.

Read the full article here (online)
Article as PDF(PDF 208,2 KB) (German)

ZHAW Impact

Hybrid Diplomacy: building bridges to big tech

The digital transformation has changed the requirements for diplomats. Increasingly, people with an understanding of new technologies are being sought as bridge builders to big tech companies.

Read the full article here (online)
Article as PDF(PDF 193,4 KB) (German)


Zukünftige Executives im Stresstest

Die derzeitigen Umwälzungen fliessen auch in die Kursinhalte ein. Ebenso wichtig: neugierige und mutige Menschen. Ein Beitrag mit Aussagen von Dr. Florian Keller, Studiengangsleiter Master of Business Administration an der ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Read the full article here(PDF 352,0 KB) (German)


Zwei Ambitionierte und ihr MBA

Ein Sanitärlehrling und eine Biologiestudentin fanden auf ziemlich unterschiedlichen Wegen zurück auf die Schulbank. Ein Portrait der beiden MBA-Alumnis Rahel Leugger und Patrick Gauss.

Read the full article here(PDF 325,6 KB) (German)

ZHAW Impact

Managing Crises: Contributions from the Department of International Business

Khaldoun Dia-Eddine: Interview on the topic of overcoming crises
Christopher Hartwell: After the war comes the reform
Florian Keller: 72 Stunden Krise (German)
Herbert Winistörfer: In der Corona-Krise hat die Nachhaltigkeit zugelegt (German)
Fabio Duma: Auf Tuchfühlung mit dem Kunsthandwerk (German)