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Through publications and lectures, the ZID contributes to the expert discussion on higher education didactics. Below is a selection of the most recent contributions. Further publications and conference contributions by ZID staff can be found in the individual portraits.



Baumgartner, Alexander; Müller Werder, ClaudeFengler, ReinhildJavet, Fabienne, 2018. Development of application‐oriented competency frameworks : empirical findings from the validation of such a framework by means of an employer survey. The journal of competency-based education. 3(4).Verfügbar unter:

Rapp, Christian; Kauf, Peter Emau, 2018. Scaling academic writing instruction : evaluation of a scaffolding tool (Thesis Writer). International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education. Verfügbar unter:

Müller Werder, Claude; Lübcke, Maren; Alder, Markus; 2017. Wissenschaftliche Begleitforschung FLEX, Report Assessment-Stufe 2015-2017. Innovation in Higher & Professional Education; 7. Winterthur: ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften. Verfügbar unter:

Selection of recent publications