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Through publications and lectures, the ZID contributes to the expert discussion on higher education didactics. Below is a selection of the most recent contributions. Further publications and conference contributions by ZID staff can be found in the individual portraits.


Müller Werder, ClaudeMildenberger, Thoralf, 2021. Facilitating flexible learning by replacing classroom time with an online learning environment : a systematic review of blended learning in higher education. Educational Research Review. 34(100394). Verfügbar unter:

Strobl, Carola; Ailhaud, Emilie; Benetos, Kalliopi; Devitt, Ann; Kruse, Otto; Proske, Antje; Rapp, Christian, 2019. Digital support for academic writing : a review of technologies and pedagogies. Computers & Education. 131, S. 33-48. Verfügbar unter:

Baumgartner, Alexander; Müller Werder, ClaudeFengler, ReinhildJavet, Fabienne, 2018. Development of application‐oriented competency frameworks : empirical findings from the validation of such a framework by means of an employer survey. Journal of Competency-Based Education. 3(4). Verfügbar unter:

Selection of recent publications

Kruse, Otto; Rapp, Christian, 2019. Seamless writing : how the digitisation of writing transforms thinking, communication, and student learning . In: Looi, Chee-Kit; Wong, Lung-Hsiang; Glahn, Christian; Cai, Su, Hrsg., Seamless learning : perspectives, challenges and opportunities. Singapore: Springer. S. 191-208. Lecture notes in educational technology ; 23. Verfügbar unter:

Müller Werder, Claude; Mildenberger, Thoralf; Lübcke, Maren, 2020. Do we always need a difference? : testing equivalence in a blended learning setting. International Journal of Research & Method in Education. 43(3), S. 283-295. Verfügbar unter:

Butz, AndreasScherler, PatrikSeitz, Judith-RahelKüttel, TobiasDi Giusto, Flavio, 2019. BWL Casebook. 1. Auflage. Zürich: Versus. ISBN 978-3-03909-147-8.

Müller Werder, Claude; Stahl, Michael; Alder, MarkusMüller, Maximilian, 2018. Learning effectiveness and students’ perceptions in a flexible learning course. European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning. 21(2), S. 44-53. Verfügbar unter:

Di Giusto, Flavio; Müller Werder, Claude; Reichmuth, AndreaAdams-Hausheer, DanielleChristian, John, 2019. Multiple-choice questions : teaching guide for higher and professional education. Winterthur: ZHAW School of Management and Law. Verfügbar unter: