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Institute of Business Information Technology

The failure rate for IT projects is shockingly high. According to recent surveys, 17% are performing so badly that their very existence is under threat.

However, with the necessary know-how it is possible to be in control of this risk.The Institute of Business Information Technology is an application-oriented center of competence at the interface between business administration and information technology.

We conduct studies as well as research and development projects in various disciplines and the insight gained flows directly into degree and continuing education programs.

Core Competencies

Continuing Education

Our faculty members have set themselves the goal of providing professionals working in business information technology with the necessary range of competences and skills required in the workplace. We offer a comprehensive Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) as well as the shorter Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and seminars. In addition to sound specialist knowledge, we also place a strong emphasis on methodological, communicative, and social skills.


As an application-oriented platform for business and information technology, we coordinate and promote the research interests of the university and our partners. Integration in projects managed by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and competence networks permits the exchange of experience and the pooling of collective know-how. 


On behalf of business partners, we conduct projects in various business information technology disciplines. We also provide assistance in the conception and design of organizations, in solving difficult situations, and for audits. Our areas of expertise are business intelligence, business process management, information systems and architecture, and real estate information management.