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Professional and Methodological Competencies

As a research center of national and international significance, our Institute keeps track of international developments, supports innovations in the public sector (knowledge generation), and promotes practical knowledge transfer. This affects all its activities, including research projects, consulting and service provision, as well as the delivery of degree programs and continuing education programs. In particular, the Institute of Public Management offers support to public administrations, public enterprises, and nonprofit organizations in dealing with the following issues and methodologies:

Professional Competencies

/ Auditing

/ Controlling

/ Financial management

/ Mergers, outsourcing, privatization, public-private partnerships (PPP)

/ Global budgeting

/ Internal control systems

/ Cost and performance accounting

/ Customer orientation in public administrations

/ Quality management

/ Financial accounting (HRM2, IPSAS, FER21)

/ Risk management

/ Stakeholder management

/ Strategy development (mission statement, legislative program, location strategy, ownership strategy)

/ Impact-oriented management

 Methodological Competencies

/ Benchmarking

/ Descriptive and inferential statistics

/ Coaching

/ Evaluation

/ Content analysis

/ Interviewing

/ Moderation

/ Network analysis

/ Regulatory cost analysis

/ Written or online surveys

/ Project management

/ Process analysis

 Customer Projects

Every year, the Institute of Public Management successfully completes numerous projects for public authorities, states, and other organizations. Click here for an overview of our current projects.