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All Master's Programs in Business and Law

From Knowledge to Competence. Crossing Borders. A Master's degree from the ZHAW School of Management and Law gives you the opportunity to develop yourself and your specialist skills.

Accounting and Controlling

This practically oriented Master's degree program is based on scientific principles. Students acquire the knowledge and the skills they need to become experts at accounting and controlling. The program ensures that graduates have comprehensive knowledge of financial management and that they are equipped with the necessary professional and methodological competencies to make a significant contribution to the successful management of a corporation.

MSc Accounting Controlling

Banking and Finance

This Master’s degree program opens up interesting opportunities for career development and advancement in the financial sector. Students acquire a deeper and broader understanding of finance, investments, alternative investments, and risk management and develop their theoretical understandindg and analytical skills.

MSc in Banking and Finance

Health Economics and Healthcare Management

A Master of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Health Economics and Healthcare Management unites three specialist areas: "General Management Studies", "Health Economics and Healthcare Management", and "Scientific Research", thus forming the basis for successful professional development in this field.

MSc in Business Administration – Major Health Economics and Healthcare Management

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Master's program in Business Administration with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides the competence to take innovation-oriented action, which is essential both in existing companies and in the start-up sector. As a student of this Master's program, you will acquire the basic skills required in today's business world: innovative thinking, entrepreneurial action, and the design and implementation of business models.

MSc in Business Administration – Major Innovation and Entrepreneurship


This Master’s degree program offers students the opportunity to study modern marketing approaches, communication, and sales/after-sales business practices. Students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a successful professional career in all marketing-related fields.

MSc in Business Administration – Major Marketing

Public Management

Are you looking for a professional career in the public sector? Swiss institutions such as SECO and SDC or international organizations such as the UN are just some of the many commendable public institutions and government-related non-profit organizations in Switzerland that offer attractive career opportunities.

MSc in Business Administration – Major Public Management

Enterprise Development

The Master of Science in Business Administration - Major in Enterprise Development is designed so that students meet the requirements for targeted management of future-oriented and sustainable development and competently support transformative organizational processes in companies. In addition, students are taught to apply new design approaches and concepts of corporate development in a situation-appropriate manner, to critically reflect on them, and to develop them further.

MSc in Business Administration – Major Enterprise Development

Circular Economy Management

The Master of Science in Circular Economy Management is an interdisciplinary program that aims to equip students with the necessary technical, environmental, social, and economic knowledge and skills to deal with the complex issues of the circular economy.

MSc in Circular Economy Management

International Business

The program focuses on business internationalization and intercultural management and leadership. Students gain the competence needed to apply their management knowledge and methodological know-how in the context of practice-oriented research and consulting projects.

MSc in International Business

Management and Law

The program combines managerial and legal competence, predominantly in strategic, operational, and legal project and change management. It is distinguished by its scientific foundation and practical orientation, which together create ideal conditions for successful professional development in administrative, intersectoral, and interdisciplinary functions.

MSc in Management and Law

Business Information Technology

This program enables students to acquire solid skills in the areas of IT management, strategic and operational process management, and project and change management. Students may specialize in Knowledge and Information Management, IT Governance, or Risk and Compliance.

MSc in Business Information Technology