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Double Degree Programs at SML

ZHAW School of Management and Law has developed a range of double degrees with its partner universities.

About Double Degrees

The main goals through these double degrees are to broaden students’ knowledge in different business subjects and enable them to benefit from a unique international learning experience.

A double degree consists of two degrees awarded by two different universities. They allow students the opportunity to specialize and go in depth into a particular field of study, or to follow a new subject. International double degrees, where qualifications are gained from more than one country, provide a unique opportunity for students to achieve a competitive advantage in a global business market.

The Institute of International Education defined Double Degrees as “[…] study programs collaboratively offered by two (or more) higher education institutions located in different countries. They typically feature a jointly developed and integrated curriculum and agreed-on credit recognition. Students typically study at the two partnering higher education institutions […]. Upon completion of the study program, students receive degree certificates issued separately by each of the institutions involved in the program.“

Main Benefits

The main advantages of a double degree are seen as:

  • Different disciplines or specialization: Studying two different programs helps students to broaden their knowledge in different disciplines. Alternatively, students can explore in depth a particular single subject.
  • Two awards: After successful completion of the double degree, students are awarded with two degrees, which build on and complement each other.
  • Time-saving: The two degrees can be completed in a shorter period then it would be possible obtaining them as stand-alone qualifications.
  • Network: Apart from getting to know different academic approaches in different countries, students will gain valuable insights into different business practices and have the chance to build a foundation for a career in the global business market.
  • Cultural experience: While studying abroad, students will profit from valuable insights into local culture and will have the opportunity to engage with international students from a variety of different backgrounds.

In an increasingly challenging, international business environment, the ZHAW School of Management and Law has developed a range of international double degrees that provide students with the best possible skills and opportunities to help advance their careers.

Degree at ZHAW Partner University Country Degree at Partner University Level of Studies Year at Partner University
MSc Banking and Finance IÉSEG School of Management France Master of Science in Investment Banking and Capital Markets Master 2nd
MSc International Business Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) Poland Master Global Business, Finance and Governance Master 2nd
MSc International Business Audencia Business School France Master in Management Master 2nd
MSc International Business Rennes School of Business France Master in Management Master 2nd
MSc International Business Grand Valley State University USA Master in Management Master 2nd
MSc International Business Virgina Tech USA Master in Management Master 2nd
MSc Management & Law Université Paris-Dauphine France Master “Droit Européen et International des Affaires“ Master 2nd
MSc Management & Law Wiesbaden Business School Germany Master of Laws in Accounting and Taxation (LL.M.) Master 2nd