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Center for Culture and Creativity in International Business

Culture determines where, when, and why we do business and what sorts of activities we engage in. Creativity is a major determinant in how we do business, and creative industries push the boundary of culture and management.

International business needs to take into account a changing world, where culture enables as well as constrains and creativity expands our horizons and changes the future of work. C3IB, as a novel research center, explores these issues and more: inter-cultural management and business, consumer behavior, creative systems, luxury and luxury management, and digitalization and what it means for the firm and for the individual. With geographic experience in Europe and Asia, and a focus on trends affecting international business, our researchers are on the cutting edge of topics affecting the modern firm.

Our Focus Topics

  • Culture, behavior, & creative systems
  • Inter-cultural management and consumer behavior
  • Luxury and creative industries
  • Future of work at the individual and firm level
  • Digitalization and the firm

Leadership & Team

Luxury and Creative Industries

Culture, Behavior & Creative Systems

Continuing Education with a Practical Orientation

We share our knowledge of basic luxury management skills and latest research through tailor-made modules on undergraduate, graduate and continuing education level employing innovative teaching methods and didactics.


Our research is based on the intersection of culture and business, creative systems, inter-cultural management, on the challenges posed by digitalization and Industrial Revolution 4.0, the future of work, and how firms and individuals cope with change.

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Latest Publications by Center Staff

In their article “Seizing opportunities: ASEAN country cluster readiness in light of the fourth industrial revolution”, Patricia Enzmann and Matteo Mösli address the question of how ready members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are for the opportunities and challenges brought along by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

Service and Consulting

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