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Center for Culture and Creativity in International Business

Firms increasingly operate both globally and locally. They balance innovation and tradition, long- and short-term visions as well as risks and opportunities. International managers need to take into account a changing world, where culture enables as well as constrains actions while creativity broadens business horizon.

The Centre for Culture and Creativity in International Business (C3IB) specializes in cross-cultural collaboration. The Centre focuses on how individuals, groups, and organizations manage cross-cultural collaborations with multiple stakeholders to foster inclusive interactions. Those include people of different national cultures, ethnicities, disciplines, genders and abilities, and socioeconomic groups. Digitalization and the new world of work are enablers of cross-cultural collaboration. With geographic experience in Europe and Asia, C3IB is at the cutting edge of topics affecting firms active in foreign markets.

Our Focus Topics

  • Culture, behavior, & creative systems
  • Inter-cultural management and consumer behavior
  • Culture and creative industries
  • Future of work at the individual and firm level
  • Digitalization and the firm

Leadership & Team

Continuing Education with a Practical Orientation

We share our knowledge of basic luxury management skills and latest research through tailor-made modules on undergraduate, graduate and continuing education level employing innovative teaching methods and didactics.


The team investigates international topics related to business and society. Drawing insights from international business, strategic and cross-cultural management, marketing, psychologyas well as sociology. Through research, they contribute to the academic literature and provide new theoretical insights in the following three areas: creativity, international management and cross-cultural management. Luxury, cultural and creative industries are one of some contexts in which the team examines creativity. They generate insights from applied research to develop new management methods and tools as well as to provide executive education and consulting solutions.

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Selected Publications by Center Members

Duma, Fabio, 2022
Luxury is dead, long live luxury! Resonance as an alternative lens to advance our understanding of an eternal desire and a global business.
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. Verfügbar unter:

Lupina-Wegener, Anna; Karamustafa, Güldem, 2022
Designing the role of identification during unplanned change insights from a case study.
In: Annual Conference of the British Academy of Management (BAM), Manchester, United Kingdom, 31 August - 2 September 2022.

Weber, Max; Chaiechi, Taha, 2022
Fiscal implications – inclusive growth and climate change resilience : a scoping study of existing policy in selected ASEAN countries [Paper].
In: Chaiechi, Taha; Wood, Jacob, Hrsg., Community Empowerment, Sustainable Cities, and Transformative Economies.
International Conference on Business, Economics, Management, and Sustainability (BEMAS), online, 2-3 July 2021.
Singapore: Springer. S. 587-604. Verfügbar unter:

Enzmann, Patricia; Mösli, Matteo, 2022
Seizing opportunities : ASEAN country cluster readiness in light of the fourth industrial revolution. Asia and the Global Economy. 2(1), S. 100021.
Verfügbar unter:

Pedrazzi, Camilla; Duma, Fabio; Gadgil, Maya, 2021.
There is no such thing as the millennial : a cross-cultural analysis of luxury and prestige perception among young people in Switzerland and South Korea
In: Mosca, Fabrizio; Casalegno, Cecilia; Gallo, Rosalia, Hrsg., Developing Successful Global Strategies for Marketing Luxury Brands.
Hershey: IGI Global. S. 230-260. Verfügbar unter:

Yang Meier, Dong; Barthelmess, Petra; Sun, Wei; Liberatore, Florian, 2020.
Wearable technology acceptance in health care based on national culture differences : cross-country analysis between Chinese and Swiss consumers.
Journal of Medical Internet Research. 22(10), S. e18801. Verfügbar unter:

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