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Center for Culture and Creativity in International Business

Companies are increasingly operating globally. They balance innovation and tradition, long- and short-term visions, risks and opportunities. International managers must take account of a changing world in which creativity broadens business horizons.

As part of the International Management Institute at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, the Center for Culture and Creativity in International Business (C3IB) specializes in cross-cultural collaboration. It focuses on how to manage effective teamwork with different stakeholders to foster inclusive interactions and meet the challenges of a changing world of work. C3IB experts work on innovative solutions through continuing education and research.

Continuing Education Offers

The Center for Culture and Creativity in International Business is currently developing an attractive portfolio of further education courses focusing on the topics of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: Leadership and Post-Merger Socio-Cultural Integration, The Future of Work and Artificial Intelligence, and Creativity and Innovation.

Cross-border M&As: Our center's continuing education program in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) draws on extensive research and practical insights to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to strategically plan and execute M&A transactions effectively especially the post-merger integration phase. In this program, participants will embark on a comprehensive leadership journey into the challenges of cross-border M&As, focusing on technology firms and AI business models, with a particular emphasis on both leadership and cultural elements.

The Future of Work and Artificial Intelligence: Leaders need to skillfully use digital tools and platforms to lead and inspire teams from different cultures and ensure effective communication and collaboration in a digitally connected world. Therefore, we teach the prioritization of diversity and inclusion in leadership strategies, the recognition and appreciation of different cultural perspectives and approaches, and how to leverage these differences to foster innovation and adaptability in a globalized business environment. In this way, we enable leaders to navigate different cultural environments.

Innovation & Creativity: Our center's continuing education programs in Innovation & Creativity are designed to equip participants with the skills and mindset necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving business landscape. For example, Entrepreneurship and craftsmanship demand a unique blend of personal creativity and innovation. In our educational programs for  craftmanship, we focus on nurturing your innate creativity and channeling it into entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether you're a new entrepreneur or an established craftsman, our courses provide insights into unleashing your creative potential, fostering innovation in your work, and navigating the entrepreneurial journey with resilience.


C3IB is at the forefront of exploring global business and societal dynamics. Our research sharpens the edge of innovation, international management, and cross-cultural understanding. Our focus areas are:

Cross-border M&As: We investigate cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions, focusing on AI-driven and innovation-intensive industries. Our research navigates the complexities of socio-cultural integration across diverse regions such as Latin America, Asia, and Europe. We use a balanced mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to address the intricacies of M&A integration processes and leadership. Our insights are integrated into our executive education programs, preparing leaders to effectively manage the challenges of cross-border M&As in a rapidly evolving, AI-centric business landscape. Learn more

The Future of Work and AI: Our research investigates the AI-driven work landscape, emphasizing the interplay between AI technologies and cross-cultural management and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in enhancing employee well-being. As digitalization redefines team dynamics, we explore how leadership, attuned to cross-cultural setting, fosters innovation, creativity and performance. Learn more

Creativity and Innovation: Innovation and creativity are connected with entrepreneurial spirit and craftmanship. Based on this assumption, we focus on luxury, cultural, and creative industries, examining creativity in these contexts. Our team generates insights from applied research to develop new management methods and tools. We also provide executive education and consulting solutions.

All International Management Institute research projects at a glance

Leadership & Team

Selected Publications by Center Members

Political leaders' identity leadership and civic citizenship behavior: The mediating role of trust in fellow citizens and the moderating role of economic inequality
L Monzani, K Bibic, SA Haslam, R Kerschreiter, JE Wilson Lemoine, ...
Political Psychology, 2024

Grundlagen BWL : Zusammenhänge verstehen
Steingruber, Daniel; Butz, Andreas; Fengler, Reinhild; Di Giusto, Flavio; Küttel, Tobias; Yang Meier, Dong; Scherler, Patrik

Identification change in Chinese acquisitions in Europe: the social identity approach
A Lupina-Wegener, R van Dick, S Liang
The Psychology of Organizational Change, 2023

Liability of Emergingness of Emerging Market Banks Internationalizing to Advanced Economies
A Lupina-Wegener, F McDonald, J Shan, G Zhang, G Karamustafa-Köse
The Palgrave Handbook of Globalization with Chinese Characteristics, 2023

Les espaces de travail hybride renforcent la diversité et l'inclusion: les nouvelles manières de travailler favorisent la diversité et l'inclusion, à condition de rendre les …
A Lupina-Wegener, G Karamustafa, C Elliot
HR today, 2023

‘Change is our continuity’: Chinese managers’ construction of post-merger identification after an acquisition in Europe
S Liang, A Lupina-Wegener, J Ullrich, R Van Dick
Journal of Change Management 22 (1), 59-78, 2023

Multiple corporate and functional performance feedback and problemistic search
ED Syrigos, KC Kostopoulos, CS Mammassis
European Management Review, 2023

Impact of CEO's Digital Technology Orientation and Board Characteristics on Firm Value: A Signaling Perspective
I Filatotchev, G Lanzolla, E Syrigos
Journal of Management, 2023

Responding to inconsistent performance feedback on multiple goals: the contingency role of decision maker's status in introducing changes
K Kostopoulos, E Syrigos, P Kuusela
Long Range Planning 56, 2023

(In) Consistent Performance Feedback and the Locus of Search
T Keil, E Syrigos, KC Kostopoulos, F D. Meissner, P G. Audia
Journal of Management, 2023

Sustainably Small, Successfully Slow: Artisanal Excellence and the New Made in Italy–The Case of Bespoke Tailoring
F Duma
Made in Italy and the Luxury Market, 2023

Luxury is dead, long live luxury! Resonance as an alternative lens to advance our understanding of an eternal desire and a global business
F Duma
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 2023

Cross-cultural perspectives: on new venture business development in China
G Karamustafa, A Lupina-Wegener, G Zhang, J Xu
HEIG-VD, 2022

Tipps für erfolgreiche Geschäfte in der MOE-Region
G Karamustafa-Köse, A Lupina-Wegener
Swiss Export Journal, 2022

Positive Feedback From Customer Reviews: The Self-enhancement Effect
E Syrigos, K Fouskas, S Franco, C Heo
Academy of Management Proceedings, 2022

The corporate governance of digital transformation: The CEO’s digital orientation and board impact
I Filatotchev, G Lanzolla, E Syrigos
Academy of Management Proceedings, 2022

Corporate purpose and employee well-being in the luxury industry: conceptual foundations and recommendations for the Swiss watch sector
F Duma, D Khalifa, J Schäfer
The Rise of Positive Luxury, 2022

Seizing opportunities : ASEAN country cluster readiness in light of the fourth industrial revolution
Enzmann, Patricia; Mösli, Matteo
Asia and the Global Economy, 2(1), pp. 100021, available from:, 2022

Inclusive growth and climate change mitigation programs and policies in the ASEAN : fiscal implications
Weber, Max; Chaiechi, Taha; Beg, Rabiul
Bulletin of Applied Economics,  9(2), pp. 189-221,  available from:, 2022

Inclusive Growth and Climate Change Mitigation Programs and Policies in the ASEAN: Fiscal Implications
Weber, M., Chaiechi, T., & Beg, R.
Bulletin of Applied Economics, 9(2), 189-221, 2022

There is no such thing as the millennial : a cross-cultural analysis of luxury and prestige perception among young people in Switzerland and South Korea
Pedrazzi, Camilla; Duma, Fabio; Gadgil, Maya
In: Mosca, Fabrizio; Casalegno, Cecilia; Gallo, Rosalia, eds.,  Developing Successful Global Strategies for Marketing Luxury Brands.,  pp. 230-260, available from:, 2021

Mastering the digital transformation as a heritage luxury fashion brand
Duma, Fabio; Labati, Florence; Brunetti, Gianluca; Gadgil, Maya
In:  Marché et Organisations.  , pp. 33-54, a vailable from:, 2020

Wearable technology acceptance in health care based on national culture differences : cross-country analysis between Chinese and Swiss consumers
Yang Meier, Dong; Barthelmess, Petra; Sun, Wei; Liberatore, Florian
Journal of Medical Internet Research,  22(10), pp. e18801, available from:, 2020

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