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Master in Circular Economy Management

"We have a responsibility to educate, train, and prepare students, the managers of the future, so they can help organizations manage the transition from a linear economy towards sustainability and a circular economy. A central theme is the balance between economic, technological, social, and ecological sustainability."

Prof. Dr. Christian Vögtlin, Head of Program

The MSc in Circular Economy Management is a new degree program that supports our university's key commitment to sustainability, specifically to impart and develop knowledge and skills in that area and support individuals and organizations in their efforts to make a valuable contribution to society. This Master’s program has been designed and developed jointly by three schools of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) – Life Sciences and Facility Management, Engineering, and Management and Law. It is a truly interdisciplinary program that utilizes and combines expertise from several different disciplines.

At a Glance

Title: Master of Science (MSc) ZHAW in Circular Economy Management
Start of New Program: Mid-September
Workload: 90 ECTS credits (equivalent to approx. 2,700 hours of study)
Duration: 3 semesters (full-time)
Registration deadline: 30 June 2024 - apply now
Location: Winterthur, Waedenswil and Zurich (Canton of Zurich, Switzerland)
Tuition Fee: CHF 720.- per semester + additional study-related expenses
Admission Requirements: Admission Procedure
Language of instruction: English

Content and Program Structure

The MSc in Circular Economy Management is a full-time course of study. It consists of a preliminary week and three semesters of intensive study. The program combines all dimensions of the circular economy – technical, environmental, social, and economic - and students acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in all disciplines. Students develop a broader understanding and implementation skills for the circular economy through an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach. The program’s compulsory modules are grouped into themes and provide a foundation, while elective clusters allow students to prepare for specific career paths and professional roles. Case studies and, ultimately, the Master’s thesis provide students with practical credentials. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on developing critical thinking, creativity, communication, teamwork, self-management, and self-reflection.

Designed for Different Career Paths

This Master’s program will allow you to become highly qualified and enable you to focus on topics that meet your personal and professional goals. You can benefit from an immediate, practically orientated knowledge transfer that you will apply to real life business projects.

Your Career Prospects

This MSc degree will qualify you for jobs in the following areas and sectors:

Job Roles




Applications undergo an admission procedure. Admission is decided by the head of the program. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

If needed, please feel free to contact the Head of Program without obligation to confirm whether you meet the admission requirements outlined above.