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Competence Centers & Teams

Center for Asia Business
Patricia Enzmann

The Center for Asia Business focuses on China (including Hong Kong), Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Center for EMEA Business

Dr. Florian Keller, Dr. phil. I.


The Center for EMEA Business follows the relevant economic, cultural, and political developments throughout the EMEA region. We provide in-depth knowledge to help our customers understand the complexities of this business environment and explain what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in these countries.

Center for International Industrial Solutions

Peter Qvist-Sorensen, MSc. Econ, MBA

CIIS supports companies in the Machinery and Cleantech sectors in implementing new business models in a changing societal context, using new technologies while addressing the needed organizational structures in order to continue strengthening their international competitiveness.

Center for Corporate Responsibility

Herbert Winistörfer, lic. phil. II

The Corporate Responsibility Competence Team develops practical approaches and tools of sustainability management, supports companies in implementing them, and helps to train specialists.

Christian Olivier Graf

Continuing & Corporate Education
Christian Olivier Graf

Continuing & Corporate Education offers internal training programs that are tailored to the needs of companies and provide the necessary leadership and professional skills.

Luxury Management

Dr. Fabio Duma

The Competence Team Luxury Management focuses on current trends and challenges in the global luxury market and supports national and international companies in developing and implementing successful strategies and marketing concepts.