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The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning has extensive experience in the development of tailor-made teaching and continuing education products.

By applying our wide-ranging competences in university teaching and ICT, we develop innovative teaching models and methodologies which readily find applications in our practice-oriented services. 

Consulting and coaching

We offer case-based and personal consulting services in all aspects of university-level teaching and learning. Consulting deals with specific teaching issues which can be answered in one or more joint sessions. Whether you are a newcomer structuring a lecture or an experienced practitioner introducing a new methodological setting, the adviser acts as a sparring partner, providing detailed and applicable feedback. 

Coaching provides the opportunity to engage in depth with teaching scenarios over the course of several meetings. Alongside a comprehensive consulting service, this includes one or more classroom visits. 

Conception and development of learning contexts

We plan, develop, and implement ICT-based learning tools. During the first stage, we evaluate the various ICT possibilities for the design of teaching-learning contexts by differentiating between information sources, learning programs, working tools, and interaction tools. In the second stage, we develop specific teaching settings and/or individual learning sequences.

Examples of development projects

Presentations / Chairing debates

Are you looking for a competent speaker to give a talk on a current issue of university education? Through our research-orientation and practical application in the classroom, we are a qualified partner in the subject areas of blended learning, ICT-applications, problem-based learning, the promotion of interdisciplinary skills, and the development of teaching materials. We also chair debates or discussions on these topics at events or conferences. 


We play an important role in specialist debate on university teaching issues through our own publications and conference contributions. This experience makes us competent to support you both didactically and methodologically in your research and development projects. Quality assurance in teaching is at the core of what we do. We are the people to speak to in all matters concerning lesson evaluation, the conception of examinations, and learning objective verification.

Examples of research projects