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PRME Global Students (PGS)

Building a Global Community of Impact-Makers

Around 4 million students are enrolled at the 860+ PRME business schools worldwide, and thousands of student associations are linked to these establishments. In this context, PGS was launched as a global platform to empower these student organizations to focus on sustainable development and responsible management. In this “Decade of Action,” PGS seeks to foster fruitful and creative collaboration between PRME students by increasing their local and global connection to each other and the university ecosystem, thereby accelerating PRME’s collective impact.

The three pillars of PGS

PGS is based on three fundamental pillars – generating awareness (listen to talk) of responsible management and sustainable development among students by encouraging more student-led initiatives, promoting advocacy (talk to walk) by amplifying student calls for RME, and prompting collective action (walking together) between businesses and academia. Together, these goals connect students to business leaders and scholars to help them solve real-life issues.

PGS portfolio: Opportunities for involvement

Students are great drivers of on-campus change but cannot work in isolation. The PGS Portfolio comprises several projects requiring active engagement by students and their associations, and offering multiple ways to get involved:

  • PGS Global Teams
  • PGS Ambassador Program
  • PGS Careers
  • PGS Talks
  • PGS Newsletter – sign up here

“We cannot expect yesterday’s teaching to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s future”

PGS Ambassador Program

In January 2023, the PRME DACH Chapter was invited  by the PRME Secretariat  to participate in the PRME Global Student Ambassador Program. This program consisted of 10 online sessions of two hours each, taking place on Saturdays between 11 February and 22 April 2023. The first two sessions were an introduction to PRME and UN Global Compact, followed by six sessions organized by PRME working groups, each with a keynote presentation followed by an assignment/discussion.

The six sessions covered Business and Human Rights, Climate Change and Environment, Gender Equality, Sustainability Mindset, Sustainable Finance, and Humanistic Management. The program concluded with a short presentation by the students and a closing session.

In total, 20 students from the DACH  Chapter were selected from the PRME DACH signatory institutions. Having attended at least seven sessions and delivering a final presentation, the students were awarded a PGS Ambassador Certificate signed by the Head of PRME and the Head of UN Global Compact.

Lazar Tomasevic, a Bachelor’s student in Business Administration at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, successfully participated and received his certificate at the online graduation ceremony on 29 April 2023.