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Local, Regional & Collaborative Governance

We conduct research, offer study programs, and provide consulting services in the field of governance and organizational networks and are committed to the active transfer of knowledge into practice. Our mission is to provide innovative, science-based solutions to current challenges of collaboration and governance of governmental, administrative, and not-for-profit organizations, and our aim is to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency in the planning and implementation of public policies.

Latest Activities

Performance Management in Albanian Municipalities

Our Center is working on a performance management model that reflects the performance of individual municipal functions in the municipal budget. In addition, we are looking at the Albanian kindergarten system to identify standards to be used in a separate governance model for Albanian municipalities.

Realizing the Vision for the Future of Basel-Landschaft as a Technological Center. Scientific support for the economic development of Baselland  - Technologie@BL         

The cantonal Department of Economic Affairs and Health (Volkswirtschafts- und Gesundheitsdirektion), represented by Economic Development Baselland and the cantonal Office of Industry, Commerce, and Labor (Amt für Industrie, Gewerbe und Arbeit), are promoting a participatory process involving entrepreneurs, administrators, and experts concerning the impact of technology on education, labor, law, and economic space. The Center of Public Management has been involved in this process by providing content and by summarizing it for the attention of the canton’s Government Council. In this context, the Center has implemented its model of smart government developed for this purpose.

SWOT Analysis of the Zurich Weinland Region

The Weinland region in the canton of Zurich is to be integrated into the new Regional Policy of Switzerland. The Center for Public Management is carrying out a preliminary SWOT analysis in order to harmonize all goals and projects effectively. The strategic priorities will be determined based on these findings.

Regulatory Impact Assessment, FINMA Circular

Based on the responsibility of banks and insurance companies to comply with FINMA regulations, the costs resulting from obligations to take action set out in FINMA circulars are evaluated. The focus is on those obligations which cause the greatest part of the burden. A quantitative and qualitative analysis will identify the cost drivers of the companies concerned and estimates the costs incurred. Based on the costs and benefits of the regulations, recommendations will be developed for the Swiss Federal Council on how to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Research & Expertise

The Center for Public Networks and Service Delivery deals with decision-making concerning public responsibilities and their implementation by public-law, non-profit and for-profit organizations. The focus is on the management, control, and supervision of cooperation in the network involving different organizations for joint service provision. Participation by citizens and civil society is a key form of cooperation for the Center.

The Center for Public Networks and Service Delivery focuses on the following topics:


Over the last three years, the Center has helped a large number of government organizations organize their services and forms of cooperation more effectively and efficiently. Examples of Projects:

Through our research in these fields, we are able to develop innovative concepts and solutions in line with the latest state of knowledge.


We have a broad national and international network of reliable and experienced partners in the field of public governance. In particular, we maintain strategic partnerships with:

  • Zürcher Weinland
  • Kanton Basel-Landschaft
  • Gemeinden in Albanien

Our current publications

Hegele, Yvonne, (2020). The impact of department structure on policy-making: How portfolio combinations affect interdepartmental coordination. Public Policy and Administration. (Online First). You can find this publication here.

Lang, Achim; Brüesch, Caroline, (2019). Collaborative governance in program Implementation: the development of e-relocation notification in the Swiss canton of Zurich. International Journal of Public Administration. You can find this publication here.

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