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Department of Banking, Finance, Insurance

"The finance sector is more important for our economy and the welfare of our country than many people think. When the finance industry is doing well, Switzerland is doing well."

Prof. Suzanne Ziegler, PhD, Head of Department of Banking, Finance, Insurance

The Department of Banking, Finance, Insurance provides teaching, research, and consulting in the fields of financial theory, financial management, financial services, and insurance, covering current issues such as banking regulation, wealth management, alternative investments, or pensions. Our strengths include the analysis and optimization of the value chains of financial service providers, financial consulting, insurance management, private equity for SMEs, funds of hedge funds, financial risk management, and management accounting, with a focus on bank accounting, energy suppliers, and management information systems. In addition to analyzing current practices, we strive to anticipate new product innovations, process designs, and forms of distribution within the finance industry at any early stage of their development.


The Department of Banking, Finance, Insurance is responsible for the content of the following programs at the ZHAW School of Management and Law:

BSc Programs

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administrations with the following specializations: 

MSc Programs

Continuing Education

Do you want to deepen your existing skills or acquire new professional qualifications? Are you planning to upgrade your professional profile for the job market? In this case, you are in the right place. We offer a wide range of continuing education programs covering various disciplines including (in German):


Through our research and development projects, we are successively expanding our core competencies, on the one hand by keeping our teaching constantly up to date with new findings and also by providing valuable input for practical application. Here is a selection of recently conducted, comprehensive research projects:

Please contact us, without obligation, to discuss a possible collaborative venture.


Our consulting activities and services are based on the following principles: A clear and binding definition of the project goals, commitment to an ambitious but realistic schedule, and professional project management. In our consulting activities, we rely on current findings from applied research and exploit the particular synergy potential of a multidisciplinary institution such as ZHAW. We guarantee our clients a fair and transparent quotation for our services as well as cost allocation. In addition, you will benefit from the proven practical experience of our faculty members. Specific examples of consulting commissions include:

Please contact us, without obligation, to discuss a possible collaborative venture.