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Center for International Industrial Solutions

What we are doing

We conduct applied research, provide education and foster know-how transfer for the Machinery and the Cleantech industries. We support companies in leveraging emerging technologies and designing new business models to increase their international competitiveness.

We train Bachelor and Master students to manage these challenges.

Focus Industries
The two industries we are operating in:

Our Approach

We understand fundamental business drivers such as disruptive technologies, the end-to-end value chain and current business model of a company with its organizational and societal challenges. We elaborate together a vision for improved competitiveness. We then design a road map to the targeted change and implement it until the proof of concept.

Our core competencies are:

  • Interdisciplinary approaches
  • International project management
  • Knowledge and networks in key emerging markets
  • Designing know-how transfer programs

Especially in the machinery sector we know how to bring new innovations to the global market and transform business models based on key technologies such as additive manufacturing.

In the Cleantech sector we elaborate business models for the circular economy relying among others on a sound understanding of material sciences.

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