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Interpersonal Leadership: An Applied Guide

Author: Prof. Dr. Daniel Seelhofer

This book offers two major benefits. On the one hand, it provides a systematic and very thorough overview of over a century worth of leadership research. On the other, it provides a systematic introduction to key leader responsibilities and effective leader behaviors that, combined with a strong focus on the influence of intercultural differences and a multitude of practical tips and helpful tools, are of great value for beginning and experienced leaders alike in today's increasingly globalized economy.

You can buy the book here.

Swiss ambassador to the «Centres of Power» between 1945 and 1975


Author: Dr. Florian Keller, Head of Center for EMEA Business

Champagne cocktails, stately residences, secret networks - there are hardly any other professions in the public administration with as many stories and myths as diplomats. Florian Keller portrays eight outstanding ambassadors who represented Switzerland in the world's most powerful centers. Who were these people? What career led her to these posts? And how did they represent Swiss interests locally?

The book is only available in German here.

Industrial After Sales Services in China

Author: Markus Prandini

The book describes the significance of After Sales Services in the Chinese market. It explains how Swiss mechanical engineering companies offer their services in China. The service business models of the companies are portrayed and critically evaluated in short case studies. The result is recommendations that help companies to design their after sales services in China.

The book is only available in German. You can buy it at Springer Verlag.

SML essentials: The Business of Luxury

SML Essentials


Author: Dr. Fabio Duma
Luxury is a fascinating phenomenon, but also a specialized business and an important economic factor. This is especially true in Switzerland, where personal luxury goods contribute about as much to the nation’s GDP as the financial sector.

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Central European Business Review: Crisis typologies revisited


Author: Dr. oec. Albena Björck
For effective crisis management and communication, a decision maker has to understand the causes and nature of a crisis and how it influences stakeholder perceptions. Identifying an organizations vulnerabilities is essential for crisis prevention but practitioners often lack the ability to define crisis scenarios, especially the worst-case ones. A crisis typology is a structured approach to analyze crisis situations and to introduce measures for crisis prevention and containment.

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(PDF 445,7 KB)

International Journal of Bank Marketing: CSR communication on corporate websites compared across continents


Author: Katharina Hetze; Herbert Winistörfer
An analysis of the location of CSR information on the banks’ corporate websites, a longitudinal analysis of the publication of CSR reports by the banks from 2000 to 2012, and a content analysis of the most current CSR reports in the recent period of study were undertaken.

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(PDF 460,2 KB)

The Marketing Review: Adapting luxury brand management to the changing market forces of the 21st Century


Author: Dr. Fabio Duma; Christine Hallier Willi
Luxury has fascinated humanity for millennia and it seems that it will continue to do so in the future. As seen in developed countries and emerging markets alike, the definitions of luxury are diverse and changing with the maturing of lifestyles.

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