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Executive Education

The Center for Arts Management offers quality executive education in arts management, fundraising, event management, and sponsoring.

With our finger on the pulse, we design practice-oriented, innovative executive education programs and continuing education courses that take you where you want to go – and beyond. The modular structure of our programs allows you to tailor your studies to your needs, so you can study while working and at your own pace.

The Center for Arts Management offers executive education opportunities at various levels: Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), and Certificate of Advances Studies (CAS) programs, in addition to continuing education courses (WBK). Our modularized approach allows you to enroll in one or more programs that build on each other in the areas of Arts Management, Fundraising Management, Event Management, and Sponsoring Management.

Arts Management

Arts management has become a vital element of arts and cultural organizations. Our executive education programs reflect the ongoing professionalization of the arts and creative industries. You will be able to prepare for the challenges in an environment characterized by a changing understanding of culture and increasing demands of stakeholders.

Fundraising Management

Increasingly, fundraising is becoming a strategic and challenging professional environment. Our continuing education programs address strategy development, leadership, and philanthropy. They will prepare you in the best possible way for future challenges in this diverse environment.

Event Management and Sponsoring Management

The development of post-industrial societies towards experience societies leads to an increasing demand in the field of event management. The event sector has become more professional in recent years while the demands of customers have increased.

In sponsoring, this increase in the demands of stakeholders is reflected in the requirement for content that can be activated digitally. Sponsorship has established itself as an instrument for adding value and generating relevant content in external and internal communications. Our range of programs in the event and sponsorship sectors will bring you up to date and prepare you for new challenges.

Individual Consultation

We will be happy to clarify any unanswered questions and provide non-binding advice to support you in your individual study path and career planning. Contact us using the consultation form and we will contact you directly.