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Continuing Education and Training

CAS Corporate Responsibility

When it comes to establishing sustainability or social responsibility, in the medium term many tasks can only be accomplished if the company has the necessary competencies. Those who are in charge need to be aware of the main social issues, be able to conduct stakeholder management, have the ability to develop sustainability strategies, design performance indicator systems, and know the current standards of sustainability reporting. All these competencies can be acquired by completing a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Corporate Responsibility.

Training Courses and Workshops

The training courses and workshops of the Center for Corporate Responsibility will prepare you for current challenges in the area of ​​sustainability management. Employing the latest knowledge and methods, we will together work on your individual competencies. These programs are designed for company representatives and include round-table discussions as well as half-day and full-day workshops.

Basic Seminar on the Success Factors of Corporate Responsibility

The "Corporate Responsibility Basics" seminar is ideal for anyone who wants a brief but intense introduction to the world of sustainability management. During this full-day continuing education course, you will learn the most important concepts and international standards of Corporate Responsibility. You will learn how to use the basic tools for the analysis, conception, and implementation of your company’s social issues and how to work in an integrated manner.

Corporate Responsibility Reporting: Focus on Materiality

Materiality analysis is a key component of sustainability reporting. Various reference documents are required to identify key issues. In the course of an afternoon, you will learn how to use best practice examples to critically review your sustainability reporting with regard to materiality, identify its potential, and plan its implementation in a targeted manner.

Social Responsibility in SMEs – Practical and Manageable

Do you want to integrate social and sustainable responsibility in your company and do so in a strategic manner? Attend our half-day seminar to learn how to use the ISO 26000 tool to analyze your current situation, evaluate it, and implement it in a targeted manner. Responsible and sustainable into the future – a benefit for your company! Using the ISO 26000 tool, you can analyze your situation, define measures, and manage communication. Organizational, supplier-, and customer-related aspects as well as ecological and social issues are taken into account. Participants discuss challenges and solutions using practical examples from different sectors.

New Guidelines on Sustainability Reporting – Impacts for Swiss Enterprises

Are you involved in sustainability reporting and would like technical support in implementing the new directives? We will provide you with an overview of the new guidelines and show you ways to integrate and implement sustainability reporting in your company. The seminar is designed for company representatives who want to know more about sustainability reporting or want to refresh existing knowledge. Within a short time, participants receive a professional insight into the topic in order to take on the tasks of sustainability reporting or develop this area in their organization.