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Continuing Education

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CAS Corporate Responsibility

When it comes to establishing sustainability or social responsibility, in the medium term many tasks can only be accomplished if the company has the necessary competencies. Those who are in charge need to be aware of the main social issues, be able to conduct stakeholder management, have the ability to develop sustainability strategies, design performance indicator systems, and know the current standards of sustainability reporting. All these competencies can be acquired by completing a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Corporate Responsibility.

CAS Managing Diversity, Inclusion and Social Sustainability

The CAS teaches the basics of diversity, inclusion, equal opportunities and social sustainability. Participants learn about the needs of different diversity groups and intersectional issues and gain insights into social sustainability goals and human rights. They develop and implement DIS strategies, key figures and toolkits and learn how to combat forms of discrimination and comply with ethical guidelines. The transformation to an inclusive and socially sustainable culture is supported by practical insights. In addition, the external perspective on diversity and inclusion is addressed in order to better understand the needs of stakeholders. Participants learn about diversity marketing and branding and shape their communication practice inclusively. The program offers insights into DIS networks, certifications and labels.

Online Course “Global Business and Human Rights”

The online course is dedicated to the many connections between business and human rights in a globalized world. Participants will learn how companies can become more aware of the human rights risks of their business activities. Once they have identified these risks, they can manage and improve their influence using various approaches and instruments. The course is being offered on the online learning platform edX.