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Information Systems - Human Factors & Risks

“Cybersecurity and privacy cannot be ensured by technology and law alone, but are primarily shaped by people. Effective solutions can only be created if the human factor is taken into account.”

Nico Ebert, Head of Information Systems - Human Factors & Risks

The human factor in cybersecurity and privacy

What happens in the event of a cyberattack in the organization? How can we learn from it, improve staff awareness and make behavior more secure? How can individuals better protect their personal data? How can technology be designed to help people move more securely and privately in the digital space?

In an interdisciplinary team with a background in computer science, organization and psychology, we develop innovative solutions in the field of cybersecurity and privacy (e.g. for measuring cybersecurity awareness in organizations). The focus is on individuals and organizations alike. We use established methods, for example from the fields of behaviour change, organizational learning and safety. We work closely with other experts (for example via the Cyber Resilience Network for the Canton of Zurich or the ZHAW Cybersecurity Lab).