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International Management Institute

Christopher Hartwell

“The International Management Institute strives to be the leading source for research and expertise on international and intercultural challenges facing business today.”

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell, Head, International Management Institute


We focus on the effects of globalization and the challenges of international business activities.

Our partners benefit from a wealth of intercultural competence and international business know-how, resulting from the extensive academic and industry experience of our faculty members and our close ties to international universities, corporations, organizations, and professional associations.

The International Management Institute comprises regional competence centers and thematic teams.

Continuing Education

Our range of continuing education programs is continually updated and adapted to meet the needs of the business community. We work closely with representatives of successful international organizations to ensure that our programs are always relevant and interesting. Allow us to help you with certificated programs, tailor-made workshops and trainings.

Research and Consulting

As your business partner, we provide advice, research skills, and both standardized and customized training and education in all aspects of international business.

We combine scientifically grounded knowledge and in-depth practical know-how with excellent research and consulting skills to develop specific, applied solutions to international business challenges for your organization. 

We provide advice in the following fields:
/ Internationalization
/ Cross-Cultural Leadership & Management
/ Corporate Responsibility 
/ International Negotiation
/ International Customer Behavior
/ International Skills Development

Reference Projects and Publications

Current News and Events