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Master Research Unit Ecological Engineering for the MSc Environment and Natural Resources

Are you fascinated by complex ecological issues? Are you interested in the interplay between technology and ecology? In the Ecological Engineering specialisation, you will acquire the knowledge to develop holistic solutions.

Ecological Engineering combines engineering with ecology and holistic thinking. Natural materials, processes, organisms and ecological principles are employed as tools and utilised in technical systems. The vision is that the development objectives for creating a sustainable society cannot be achieved solely by technical means, but instead require ecology, technology and socio-economic factors to be cleverly combined.


As a Master of Science ZFH in Environment and Natural Resources, specialising in Ecological Engineering, you will ...

  • recognise current challenges in topics in your specialised subject and will be able to formulate and implement concrete solutions, as well as communicate the results to target groups.
  • understand the subtleties of the interaction between (micro) biology and technology in concrete applications and will be able to analyse, model and influence these interactions.
  • be able to plan and control circulatory systems according to eco-technological criteria.
  • be able to evaluate and optimise energy concepts according to technical, ecological and economic criteria.
  • be able to integrate sustainable infrastructure in urban and rural areas

Master's thesis

As part of your Master's thesis, you will develop your own ideas and concepts to solve scientific challenges. This will enable you to tackle complex issues independently in your future professional life. You will be able to apply and develop scientific methods, even in new or multidisciplinary contexts.

You will write your Master's thesis within your chosen research unit. The content of the thesis can be adapted to your interests and the current project status. The following selection in German and English gives an insight into the possible subjects