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Institute of Sustainable Development (INE)

The Institute of Sustainable Development (INE) at the ZHAW School of Engineering in Winterthur observes technological, economic and social changes and their complex interactions from a sustainability perspective. Using applied research, we identify future demands on technologies and their future-compatible integration into systems. The focus is on interdisciplinarity and sound knowledge of methods, especially in the area of foresight and risk management. We evaluate trends, assess technologies and design smart regions and future-oriented business models on this basis.

The Master Studio at INE in Winterthur is available in the following subject areas:

Sustainable energy systems

How should energy systems be designed so that they meet a wide range of needs in a sustainable manner? And how must energy systems be organized that are technically efficient, ecologically compatible and financially worthwhile? 

We focus on the development of technologies and assess their acceptance, analyse the potential of participatory approaches, develop design principles for sustainable energy regions and innovative business models.

Sustainable Transport Systems

What do transport systems look like that are competitive, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable? What do transport systems look like that move people and goods to their destination in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner?

We research the mobility of people and goods and develop future-proof solutions. and use the principle of sustainability as a guideline. In this objective, sustainable mobility is based on a transport and goods system that preserves the quality of life, strengthens economic competitiveness and minimises the burden on people, the environment and the climate.


Risk Management and Technology Assessment

How can risks be assessed as accurately and completely as possible and new technologies be evaluated reliably and comparably? How can stakeholder interests be incorporated into the risk management process? What does integrated risk management mean for companies?

In this subject area we offer targeted further training as well as sustainability assessment of technologies and products with the aim of assessing and optimising project plans with regard to the objectives of sustainable development.