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Geography of Food Research Group

Sustainability in agriculture and food systems

Picture containing all team members of the Geography of Food Research Group


The Geography of Food Research Group deals with local and global questions on the sustainability of agricultural and food systems. The aim is to optimise the ecological, social and economic impact of the whole value chain. Based on comprehensive evaluations and feasibility studies, the research group develops new, application-oriented solutions for a sustainable nutritional system. It thereby supports decision-makers from business, politics and non-profit organisations in implementing future-oriented strategies "from the field to the plate".



Diversification in agrosystems
Sample project: AgroInnoTool

Modelling of agricultural and food systems
Sample project: CONSUS


Innovations for sustainable eating cultures
Sample project: NOVANIMAL


Sustainability assessment of value chains
Sample project: TRANSFOOD


Education & Scientainment for Sustainability in the Food System
Sample project:



TheGeography of Food Research Group is interdisciplinary and international. Here there is a list of the current partners.

  • zur Bangalore University
  • zum FiBL
  • zur Universität Lijubliana
  • zur Stiftung Mercator Schweiz
  • zum Strickhof
  • zur SV-Group
  • zur Syngenta foundation for sustainable agriculture
  • zur Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados
  • zur ZHdK