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#misläbe - The exhibition for you

Your daily life and your behaviour are front and center in the interactive exhibition #misläbe (#mylife) in the gardens of the ZHAW Campus Grüental in Wädenswil.

New: Visit the exhibition virtually and print your own schooldocumentation (only available in German)

The exhibition on the Grüental Campus is open to private visitors again. Excursions for school classes will probably be possible again from August. Until then, we have converted our exhibition #misläbe for virtual visits and created an interactive PDF dossier with exciting tasks for pupils of level Sek I and Sek II. The dossier is structured in such a way that asynchronous learning and working is possible. With the dossier, SuS can visit the exhibition independently from home and learn a lot of interesting things about life cycle assessments and their own ecological footprint. Here they can download the dossier free of charge and order the solutions and the teacher's commentary. Processing the dossier takes 2-3 lessons.

Download the documentation here(PDF 3,0 MB)
Open the Web-App for the virtual visit of the exhibition

You can order the teacher's commentary with lots of background information on the subject of life cycle assessment and the solutions to the dossier free of charge here.


Bitte senden Sie mir den Lehrerkommentar sowie die Lösungen zum Dossier zu.

Background to the project

"Hi there, this is Allegra Vida! I am a journalist at the Grüental Express and I've heard that your life is incredibly unique. "So you are invited as a visitor to the #misläbe exhibition at the ZHAW. In the exhibition, which is designed as an apartment, your own behaviour is recorded with the help of a web app. After all, how you decide in everyday life, how you eat, live and travel has a major influence on your own well-being and the environment.
The aim of the exhibition #misläbe is to present scientific facts about environmental pollution and thus encourage you to think and act further. With surprising digital elements of a web-app, a personal homestory and personalized tips, you will be motivated to question your own behavior and make your everyday life a little easier and more environmentally friendly in the future. Since the data collected can then be made available to ZHAW researchers, the exhibition also helps to improve research. It is based on scientific calculations by the Life Cycle Assessment Research Group.

This is how #misläbe works

Just as every life is different, so is every visit to the exhibition at #misläbe different. Because you as a visitor decide how your exhibition visit looks like. The reporter invites you to give her an insight into your everyday life. With the help of a web-app you can interact with objects, discover unknown things and answer the reporter's many questions. The researchers need these answers to calculate the environmental impact of everyday behaviour. The very personal home story, which you will receive at the end of the exhibition, shows your own environmental impact in the areas of nutrition, mobility and living. Thanks to the individual tips, you will learn how you could make your behaviour more environmentally friendly. All the necessary calculations are based on scientific life cycle assessments carried out by the ZHAW.


Opening hours and events

The exhibition is opne in summer during working days from 8 to 17 o'clock and at the weekends from 10 to 16 o'clock. The entry is free and you'll need your own cellphone.

Individual tours for groups or grades of school on request. (Only available in German.)

Excursion for students (only available in German)

In the excursion "#misläbe - Die Ausstellung über dich" we will illustrate the influence of our own everyday behaviour on the environment. In the first part the pupils visit the interactive exhibition #misläbe and we discuss together their personal evaluations and which tips they would like to implement. In the second part, the pupils go on the trail of environmental myths. They learn that a fair comparison must consider the entire life cycle of a product and apply life cycle thinking directly to various examples. The complex interrelationships around the topics of environmental impact, life cycle thinking and the personal footprint are illustrated and directly applied.

The excursion is designed for Cycle 3 and grammar school.
Please note: bring your own mobile phone.

#misläbe in the media

The exhibition #misläbe was facilitated through the sponsorship of the instrument Agora of the Schweizerischen Nationalfonds SNF.