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Zombie-Attack in Grüental

Save the world from the zombies! The corresponding vaccine has been discovered by a researcher in the Grüental. The latest Science Mission offers a surprising experience in the gardens of the Grüental.

Zombie-Attacke im Grüental: Die Geschichte

A zombie invasion threatens the world. Zombies have recently arrived in Switzerland and are approaching Wädenswil by the minute. Looting, empty streets and smashed window panes characterize the picture. Since noting is working properly any more, the Internet has broken down as well. People only communicate via text. Researchers are desperately searching for the cause, so they can develop a vaccine to protect the remaining population. Your colleague Annette Diecke, researcher at the ZHAW in Wädenswil, has made an important breakthrough. Unfortunately, you have not heard from her since her last text message. She has disappeared. Will you and your team be able to find the vaccine in time to save the world from the zombies?

It begins now

The zombies are getting closer, the final preparations are underway. From now on you can buy the Zombie Attack im Grüental (only available in German) and then download it directly to your smartphone or tablet and play in the gardens at Grüental!

Backgrounds of the project

The game "Zombie Attacke im Grüental" (only available in German) is a digital interactive scavenger hunt, which is played in the gardens of the Campus Grüental in Wädenswil. Tricky puzzles must be solved in a given time. Escape rooms and outdoor missions are booming: electronic scavenger hunts, foxtrails, geocaching or mobile phone trails are a popular leisure activity for young families and young people. The project "Zombie Attacke im Grüental" does justice to this new leisure behaviour. Various activities (riddles, scavenger hunt, competition) are cleverly combined to convey scientific content in the field of sustainability in an entertaining way. The gardens of the Campus Grüental in Wädenswil serve as an attractive setting and our researchers provide interesting content that is packaged in exciting stories and tricky puzzles.

The game can be easily downloaded as an app to a smartphone or tablet and can be played on the way through the gardens. The aim of the game is to sensitize a new target group to the issues of sustainability and to motivate them to delve deeper into these contents.