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Fundraising Management

Our interdisciplinary, practice-oriented Fundraising Management programs are offered as part-time courses of study (MAS/DAS/CAS/WBK). They are designed for individuals entering the profession and experienced professionals.

Fundraising is increasingly understood as a comprehensive strategy for acquiring the resources needed. With their innovative content and modular structure, the programs offered at the Center for Arts Management reflect this development. They combine fundraising know-how with strategic management and leadership knowledge. Therefore, they will prepare you in the best possible way for the challenges awaiting you in this exciting environment. The close connection between theory and practice, as well as the variety of methods, offer participants clear added value.

The Center for Arts Management covers the field of fundraising management with a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), and various Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) programs as well as several one- to three-day continuing education courses (WBK). More information is available at our information events (German).

MAS Fundraising Management

The MAS in Fundraising Management consists of four CAS programs and a Master's thesis. It offers a combination of current fundraising, management, and leadership knowledge. The MAS in Fundraising Management covers analytical and strategic methods at an international level. It is the only Master's program in this field in Switzerland.

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DAS Fundraising Management

The DAS in Fundraising Management consists of two CAS programs and a thesis. The program offers a scientific foundation and practically relevant knowledge. Participants also benefit from close cooperation with various NPOs within the framework of living case studies.

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CAS Programs in Fundraising Management

CAS Fundraising Operations

The CAS in Fundraising Operations serves as an introduction to the operational and methodological principles of fundraising. It can be booked individually or as part of an MAS or DAS program in Fundraising Management.

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CAS Fundraising Strategies

In a CAS in Fundraising Strategies, participants focus on so-called "major donor" fundraising and the management aspects of fundraising. The CAS can be booked individually or as part of the MAS in Fundraising Management program.

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CAS Fundraising Leadership

The CAS in Fundraising Leadership program focuses on philanthropy and leadership management. It can be booked individually or as part of the MAS in Fundraising Management program.

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Fundraising Management Continuing Education Courses (WBK)

At the Center for Cultural Management, continuing education courses are offered for both future and experienced fundraisers.

WBK Basics Fundraising Management

The two-day Basics Fundraising Management course provides prospective fundraisers with a basic understanding of the Swiss donations market. They also learn about the possibilities and limits of fundraising and work on case studies to practice fundraising marketing.

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WBK Fundraising in the Arts

In this three-day advanced Fundraising in the Arts course, participants gain an overview of the most important fundraising instruments and their practical implementation in the cultural sector.

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WBK Empowerment in Foundation Fundraising (new!)

The two-day continuing education courseon  Empowerment in Foundation Fundraising provides participants with an overview of the foundation market and its trends. In addition, they learn about the processes of foundation fundraising, so that they can create the perfect application and find the right foundations.

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WBK Artificial Intelligence in Fundraising (new!)

The continuing education course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Fundraising provides participants with valuable knowledge about AI technologies that can revolutionize fundraising strategies and enhance efficiency.

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WBK Ethics in Fundraising

Ethics in Fundraising is a half-day continuing education course in which participants deal with the ethical dimensions of fundraising.

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WBK Legacy Fundraising

In our two-day continuing education course on legacy fundraising, fundraisers receive an overview of the market, methods, and motives of this type of fundraising, as well as an introduction to inheritance law, including inheritance foundations.

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WBK Fundraising Bootcamp: Behavioral Economics

The Fundraising Bootcamp: Behavioral Economics deals with the latest findings of behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience and their application in implementing creative, effective, and, therefore, successful fundraising campaigns.

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WBK Fundraising Bootcamp: Corporate Philanthropy

The Fundraising Bootcamp Corporate Philanthropy teaches the most important basics around corporate philanthropy and addresses selected topics such as social investment and venture philanthropy.

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WBK Fundraising Bootcamp: Strategy Mapping

The Fundraising Bootcamp: Strategy Mapping focuses on the most widely used strategy development tool by international organizations. Using the strategy-mapping tool, experienced fundraising professionals learn long-term sustainable thinking and tools that lead to sustained fundraising success.

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Fundraising Management (MAS/DAS/CAS) Information Events

All executive programs and continuing education courses offered in the field of fundraising management are presented at regular intervals at information events. Why not register for an information event and learn more about our programs?

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Individual Consultation

We will be happy to clarify any unanswered questions and provide non-binding advice to support you in your individual study path and career planning. Contact us using the consultation form and we will contact you directly.