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MAS Arts Management

Scientifically sound and practically oriented: Our part-time Master's program in Arts Management prepares participants in the best way possible to meet future challenges in the cultural sector. It will enable them to take on strategic and operational tasks in managing and leading arts and cultural organizations.


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Master of Advanced Studies ZHAW in Arts Management (60 ECTS)




1.5 to five years; see Program Details, more details about the implementation


CHF 28'900.00

Comment on costs: 

  • Each CAS program: CHF 6,600; Master’s thesis: CHF 2,500, in total: CHF 28,900;
  • Includes all course materials.


ZHAW School of Management and Law / Campus St.-Georgen-Platz, 8401 Winterthur

Language of instruction:


Additional information: 

The program cost also includes “Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (WA)” (Scientific Research and Academic Writing). A propaedeutic continuing education course entitled “Kulturgeschichte Antike bis Postmoderne” (Cultural History from Antiquity to the Postmodern Era) is offered at a reduced rate.

Porträt Dr. Leticia Labaronne
"Arts management is a complex, multifaceted field that encompasses not only business knowledge but also cultural mediation, audience engagement, cul-tural policy, fundraising, and strategic management."

Prof. Dr. Leticia Labaronne, Head of Program, MAS in Arts Management

Objectives and content

Target audience

To deal effectively with the wide range of responsibilities in all areas of culture and the arts, arts managers require sound professional, methodological, and strategic knowledge. The MAS in Arts Management program stays on top of current social and cultural developments and prepares participants to meet their future challenges in the best possible way.

The MAS in Arts Management is designed for experienced cultural managers who want to update their knowledge and are interested in applying a more systematic approach.

At the same time, newcomers and those interested in a career change gain access to the diverse and exciting professional world of arts management.


Our Master's program in Arts Management is a part-time course of study. It is scientifically based, practically oriented, and enables graduates to take on strategic and operational tasks in the management and leadership of arts and cultural organization.


The curriculum of this MAS program builds on the program objectives, taking into account all aspects of interdisciplinary cultural management practice. It includes cultural knowledge, management know-how, as well as cultural-political, cultural-legal, and cultural-sociological fields of knowledge. This wide scope allows graduates to become cultural managers able to mediate effectively between culture, education, economy, and politics.

The content of the various parts of the program focuses on the key topics of cultural arts management. Once participants have completed the four CAS programs successfully, they are admitted to the Master's part of the program (master’s thesis).

The MAS program in Arts Management has a modular structure based on the following:

In addition, the following courses must be completed, depending on the prerequisites of participants:
The continuing education course “Kulturgeschichte Antike bis Postmoderne” (Cultural History from Antiquity to the Postmodern Era):

Compulsory for participants of the MAS program without a university degree in the arts or humanities.
Duration: Five days
Course dates: 26 to 30 august 2024
Course fee: CHF 500 (for participants of the MAS program)

“Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten” (Scientific Research and Academic Writing):

Compulsory for participants of the MAS program without a university degree.
Duration: One day
Course day: 26.09.2024, 09:00-15:00 Uhr
Click here to register: WBK Wiss. Arbeiten schreiben


The MAS is characterized by methodological diversity. Special features include:

  • Involvement of lecturers from different disciplines and cultural sectors.
  • An effective combination of methods, such as lectures, seminars, group assignments, exercises, and workshops.
  • Intermittent use of case studies, excursions, sector-specific seminars, specialist conferences, and team teaching.
  • Activation of learning, discussions, and individual coaching.

More details about the implementation

Classes take place every two weeks, on Friday and Saturday

"The MAS in Arts Management links the world of arts professionals with the world of management and broadens the horizon of cultural-political contexts. Of particular importance to me was the exchange with other participants, as well as the direct proximity and communication with guest speakers and lecturers. A continuing education that opens new doors and offers an optimal orientation of one's own possibilities - very intensive but just as instructive and rewarding.”

Carina Neumer, MAS in Arts Management graduate, dancer and cultural manager

Enquiries and contact


Center for Arts Management


Click here for information about the instructors.


Admission requirements

Detailed information on the admission requirements for applicants with and without a university degree can be found in the academic regulations below under Downloads.

Would you like a personal and non-binding phone consultation? We will be happy to advise you and support you in your personal continuing education endeavors. Please contact us via the consultation form and we will get back to you.

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