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Talking to Alumni

Alumni of the CAS in Corporate Responsibility introduce themselves and report on their experiences and impressions during their continuing education.

“The CAS in Corporate Responsibility at the SML provides a comprehensive overview of CSR. I was also interested because of its high practical orientation. And, finally, it enabled me to study part-time.”

Anne Schmid (Alumna 2021), Managerin Corporate Development
Sanitas, Swiss health insurance company
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“I appreciated the fact that the program deliberately chose a strategic perspective by addressing the question of how a company can better achieve its own corporate goals by assuming responsibility for society. Of course, the ethical perspective is very important. In order to be more convincing in matters of sustainability when talking to your management, you also need strategic arguments.”

Matthias Baer (Alumnus 2020), Head of Public Affairs
Zürcher Kantonalbank
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“I particularly benefited from the practical work. This enabled me to combine what I had learned with my specialist area and implement it on the job.”

Brigitte Becker (Alumna 2020), Partner
buchstäblich AG
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“I found the active discussions in class extremely exciting and inspiring  especially due to the different professional and technical backgrounds of the participants.”

Nadja Hauser (Alumna 2020), Communications and Social Media Manager,
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“The many practical examples of how other companies deal with issues in corporate responsibility enabled an inspiring change of perspective, which I found to be very valuable.”

Grazia Grassi (Alumna 2019), Director of Corporate Communication
Denner AG
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“The program gave me a better understanding of sustainability and how companies can successfully develop and position themselves for the future.”

Marco Meier (Alumnus 2019), Managing Director
Meier Textile Agency
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“During the program, I have learned how to develop, implement, and sustain an effective sustainability strategy in a company and how to communicate it to the right stakeholders on a long-term basis.”

Patricia Röösli (Alumna 2019), Head of Environment and Social Affairs
Swiss Travel Association
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“The program helped me to understand the concept of Corporate Responsibility in theory and practice better. I now feel more confident in steering, arguing, and solving the challenges I face in my day-to-day work.”

Simone Durrer-Merkle (Alumna 2017), Project Manager for Sustainability