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Life on campus

Studying and living in Wädenswil.

Campus Grüental - Campus Reidbach

The university provides cutting-edge laboratories and technology facilities. This creates a stimulation teaching and learning environment in a magnificent setting.

The university community of Wädenswil has ample facilities and a lively small-town feel. Study at a place idyllically situated on the left bank of the Lake of Zurich.

You’ll enjoy breath-taking views over the lake and the Alps, as well as a friendly atmosphere on a campus with plenty of green space.

Mensa and self-catering

Enjoy the fine fare prepared by Michael Krauer and his team for ZHAW employees, students and visitors. Enjoy meals and snacks, all at student-friendly prices. Microwaves are available for those who prefer to bring their own food.

Of course we provide free WiFi for our guests.

Culture and art

After-hours programme

A wide range of leisure activities in art, sports an languages – most of them free of charge – are available to help you achieve a good study/life balance.

ZHAW employees are also welcome to attend (depending on the number of participants).


Take the plunge into self-employement after your studies! The Wädenswil founder organisation, grow, is located in the immediate vicinity of the ZHAW in Wädenswil. In addition to its infrastructure, grow offers specialist know-how exchange and assistance in the initial phase of a start-up.