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Learning in Tandem

Learn to speak foreign languages fluently in Tandem! How does it work? Two people with different mother tongues learn their partner’s language at their own pace.

Tandem language learning

Would you like to learn a new language but you don’t have the time or energy to go to a conventional language course? Do you want to improve your conversation skills in a foreign language? Do you want your language lessons to have an individual format? If the answer is "Yes!", then learning in Tandem is perhaps the right thing for you!

In Tandem learning, two people with different mother tongues work together in a team at their own pace. They discuss individually selected topics and decide themselves whether the focus should be on culture, pronunciation training or grammar. Regular meetings take place over a set period. At these meetings, the tandem partners work for an agreed length of time in one language and then in the other.

Tandem is free of charge and is offered by the School of Applied Linguistics. We will provide you with a Tandem partner and support from our Tandem team. If you need some advice, just send an e-Mail to Tandem is open to anybody who is interested in participating, so not just to people studying at the ZHAW.


Have we awakened your interest? Then go ahead and register for Tandem! We will try to find a Tandem partner for you. We work with the web-based platform Matorixmatch to arrange Tandem partners.

Tips for learning in Tandem

Do you have questions about learning in Tandem? We have compiled a document with useful information and some tips. We recommend that you read this document before your first meeting and that you clarify points that need to be defined together in your first meeting. In addition, you should both fill in the Tandem learning agreement together at your first meeting.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you enjoy learning in Tandem!