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Digital Teaching and Learning

The ZHAW encourages digital testing, teaching, and learning. A wide range of apps, platforms and services are available to help you create the setting you are looking for, whether it be e-portfolios or e-assessments, wikis or webinars. The Blended Learning Support Unit is here to advise and support you during the planning, testing and implementation stages of your project – university-wide.

Digitally enhanced learning plays an essential role in teaching and learning at the ZHAW. It serves to illustrate abstract theories, make the time, place, and pace of learning more flexible and incorporate relevant digital tools from the professional world into tertiary education.

To best support our students’ learning processes, the ZHAW provides a wide range of digital tools,  from the general Learning Management System to collaboration platforms and even special browser for exams.

In dealing with these tools, our teaching staff have the Blended Learning Support Unit to offer help and advice on all things digital learning through training courses and one-on-one consultation. Additional e-learning partners at the individual Schools are also happy to help.

Information leaflets

We have created a Moodle course with a collection of instruction manuals and leaflets, most of which are publicly available. Here you can find information about Moodle, Mahara, and other licensed tools and services as well as e-assessment and legal issues.

Training courses and workshops

The Blended Learning Support Unit offers a variety of courses and workshops (in German only) to all ZHAW employees as part of the university’s internal training program. The courses are between 90min and 3.5h long and cover technology as well as didactics (e.g. Moodle, open educational resources, online exams).

Blog «Lehren und Lernen»

Our blog “Lehren und Lernen” (in German only) for teaching professionals and enthusiasts everywhere is about the many innovative teaching and learning activities at the ZHAW. A large group of authors (teachers and students, heads of program and support staff) offer peeks into what they’ve done, what they’ve learned and what inspires them. The blog is administered by the Academic Affairs Unit.

Blended Learning

Blended Learnind ist die ideale Verzahnung von Kontaktstudium und begleitetem oder autonomem Selbststudium.

Teaching in a blended learning setting – what does this mean? It’s about interlocking contact studies (in-class, red) and self-study (online, blue) through the targeted use of educational technology (e.g. online videos, forums, and quizzes). Blended learning can be applied to lectures and seminars, core subjects and elective courses: It simply combines the benefits of classroom teaching with the flexibility of online learning.

Moodle, our Learning Management System

Moodle is the ZHAW’s main online platform for teaching and learning and, as such, the starting point for courses and classes of any kind. It is used to communicate general course information, make learning materials available, do tests and submit assignments.


Mahara, our e-portfolio platform

Mahara is a learner-centered platform that serves to visualize learning processes. It allows students (in groups or individually) to document, showcase and reflect on the skills they acquire over the course of their studies in a secure web space through easy-to-create web pages that can be designed, assembled, and shared as needed.


Working on a team project without physically getting together? Doing a webinar with an external expert? Coaching without in-class lessons? For cases like these, the ZHAW provides SWITCHinteract (Adobe Connect), a powerful webinar tool. Use it to have online meetings, collaborate on documents, share your computer screen, do live polls and brainstorming sessions on the fly and more.