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Coaching and psychological counselling

Studying at the ZHAW is a challenge. Our experts at the ZHAW offer support if you have study-related or personal problems and conflicts.

If the demands and challenges of your studies become a burden, conflicts, personal crises, anxiety or relationship problems may arise. We offer counselling and support in cases of:

Apart from face-to-face sessions and coaching, our services include online and/or phone counselling.

Current workshops

Our workshops are free of charge for ZHAW students.

Relaxed for success

At the beginning or in the course of their studies, many students reach a point where the working techniques and methods they have used up to now are no longer sufficient to cope with the new demands of university studies and to be successful.

In our workshop "Relaxed to Success" we work on exactly that. We'll look at what helps to meet the many challenges in a relaxed and well-organized way.

Exam anxiety

For many students, exam anxiety is a familiar phenomenon. Test anxiety can occur during preparations and/or during exams and is often experienced as stressful by those affected. We will show you how test anxiety can arise and what you can do about it.


Many students procrastinate on papers or exam preparation. Under great pressure and at the last moment, they manage to narrowly meet the deadline. At the same time, they are confronted with dissatisfaction about the way they work and self-doubt about their performance.

The goal of the workshop is, on the one hand, to gain an understanding of what procrastination means and which attitudes and behaviors promote procrastination. On the other hand, everyday strategies and tools will be taught which can help to counteract procrastination and make oneself feel capable and competent again.

Please find the current dates for the workshops on the German language homepage.

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