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Exchange options

The ZHAW is a university with a high degree of practical relevance. Accordingly, we are committed to imparting international skills.

Swiss European Mobility Programme SEMP


Free Mover

If the university you have selected is not one of our partner universities and therefore not part of one of our institutional programmes such as SEMP, then you can apply to study (at any university institution worldwide) as a free mover. You will largely organize your stay independently and will be personally responsible for gaining official recognition for your academic achievements. (Previous part of paragraph already translated), which is regulated by a Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records (ToR). Since free movers pay semester fees to the host university, those due to the ZHAW will be waived for the duration of the stay abroad. Please note that a Free Mover exchange must be discussed in advance with the mobility officer in your institute.

To obtain a link to the Free Mover online registration form, please contact the International Office, with the full name and address of the destination university.


Summer school

An interesting alternative, if for academic, professional or personal reasons an exchange semester is not possible. Students from the ZHAW, partner universities and foreign students have the opportunity to participate in a multi-week (2-3 weeks) intercultural exchange and knowledge transfer programme.

Programmes at the ZHAW LSFM

Programmes at partner universities

Important for all Summer School registrations

Please clarify the crediting of ECTS in advance with the head of your degree programme.

International profile

Double degree

Internships Abroad

IAESTE- work experience abroad

Another way to gain intercultural experience and build up an international network is to complete an internship abroad. For many years, the ZHAW has been cooperating in this field with the organisation IAESTE, which specialises in worldwide placement of internships for students of technical and scientific subjects. The internships take place mainly during the summer break and are a source of cultural enrichment. Broaden your horizons and enhance your CV with international experience. You can complete an IAESTE internship abroad from the fourth semester onwards.

Internship in International Cooperation (IZA)

Various internships in the EU was created from a project of the  Erasmus Student Network (ESN). One of its tasks is to represent international students by offering opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development according to the principle: Students Helping Students.

Courses at partner institutions