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Leisure time

ZHAW students and employees in Wädenswil benefit from a wide range of leisure activities. Make your free time creative, active and, above all, fun.


Zurich Academic Sports Association ASVZ

The Zurich Academic Sports Association (ASVZ) offers a wide ranging sports programme: volleyball, basketball and badminton training take place at three locations in Wädenswil, and strength and endurance training in our Strength and Cardio Centre. ZHAW students are automatically eligible to participate and benefit from the entire range of ASVZ activities, its free attractive courses and camps.


German for Foreign Speakers / German as a Foreign Language

Der Kurs richtet sich an Studierende und Mitarbeitende, deren Muttersprache nicht Deutsch ist und die ihre Deutschkenntnisse vertiefen wollen. Wir üben Leseverstehen, Hörverstehen, schriftlichen und mündlichen Ausdruck sowie Grammatik und Stilistik.

The course is aimed at non-native German speaking students and employees who want to improve their German skills. We practice reading, listening, writing and speaking, as well as grammar and stylistics.


¡Hola! Learn the language that is becoming increasingly important in music, culture and business. Spanish is a language spoken by more than 300 million people on both sides of the Atlantic.


French: precision, finesse, elegance, charm! 200 million speakers throughout the world. This course will help you express yourself better in this beautiful language by refreshing your previously acquired base knowledge.
These courses are available to students from all semesters.. There are two courses available to consolidate and expand your potential:



L′italiano è da sempre la lingua dell′arte e del buon cibo in tutto il mondo. Ora lo puoi imparare o migliorare in un′atmosfera di pura italianità.

Italian has always been the language of art and good food all over the world. The language is learnt through immersion in a purely Italian atmosphere.

Art, Culture, Society


Do you like singing? Are you getting bored of only doing this in the shower? Then you are very welcome to join our choir, whether you are a student or an employee.

ESN - Student Exchange

At the ZHAW in Wädenswil there is also an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) branch: We look after domestic and foreign exchange students and support LSFM students who are interested in an exchange semester at another university.

Would you feel like to work in a dynamic team, cultivate relationships, take care of exchange students, hold parties...?

ZHAW Theatre Group - Will you join us?

We practise theatre improvisation, invent from the moment, play and tell whatever comes to mind. We slip into different characters, try things out and let ourselves be surprised. Improvisation promotes your spontaneity and creativity. Without you even noticing it, you will be trained in performance skills and work on your voice and expression.

Students and lecturers with or without theatre experience are welcome!

Drawing and painting

Do you like being creative with pencil, ink and bright colors? Then we can experiment together with pleasure. Without formality, simple and spontaneous we express what we feel at the moment in "a stroke or a spot of color".


Physical Computing Lab – Sensory - Robotics - Programming in MicroPython and BLOCKY

Are exciting hands-on projects involving context programming, sensory technology, robotics and environmental engineering your thing? This course offers an introduction to Blocky visual programming and MicroPython for the Raspberry-Pi Pico, topics that you will be able to explore individually and in more depth in online e-learning modules after the course. The beginner's course together with the freely available online modules will enable you to enter the world of the "Internet of Things", where you might even find inspiration for a future semester paper, bachelor’s or master’s thesis? The individual course components are structured in two- to three-week blocks, and you are free to choose whether you attend just one or several blocks.

If you attend all three blocks of the Physical Computing course, you will receive a complete Raspberry Pi Pico Kit worth 60.- CHF for free.

Clubs / Associations

Learn and enjoy

Collective gardening

The collective garden offers the students the opportunity to gain experience in vegetable and herb cultivation and to share knowledge. Growing some of your food yourself is one of many steps to putting the theoretical principles of sustainability into practice. The garden is organically farmed and maintained by everyone throughout the year.