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Travel green – conscience clean

Is there anything more beautiful than enjoying nature’s diversity while doing something good at the same time?

Green Travel Top-Up

In order to create a more sustainable future, all of our contributions are necessary and even a mobility can be organised more climate-friendly.  Movetia, National Agency for Exchange and Mobility, encourages this approach. Therefore, all SEMP exchange students who choose a means of transport with lower CO2 emissions than an airplane, such as busses, trains, ships or bikes, will receive an additional, one-off contribution of 100 CHF from autumn 2022/23 – the Green Travel Top-Up.

Tips for a more sustainable exchange

  1. If the plane is unavoidable, go for a direct flight and offset the CO2 emissions
  2. Whenever possible, use public transport or the bike for trips and excursions in your host country
  3. Find out about the possibilities to make your daily routine in your host country more sustainable (waste disposal and separation, recycling, saving food, buying local and seasonal products)
  4. Go easy on resources (save water, turn off unnecessary lights, unplug electronic devices that are not in use)
  5. Replace plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups or other dishes with reusable alternatives
  6. To avoid plastic bags in (grocery) stores, always bring a cloth bag
  7. Digital information is usually enough – do not print your documents
  8. Treat nature with respect (follow the rules and take your waste with you)