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Service Catalogue for Non-medical Services in Hospitals (LekaS)

Content of LekaS

LekaS as a catalogue lists the services in the non-medical field in detail, defines and delimits them from each other. LekaS focuses explicitly and continuously:

  • Results-oriented service descriptions and contents (without process definitions, organisational and financing aspects)
  • Operating phase (without construction phase and projects)

Target group of LekaS

LekaS serves as a basis for all strategically, tactically and operationally active persons in the field of non-medical services in hospitals and, to a large extent, for other health care facilities.

Service Allocation Model for non-medical Services in Hospitals (LemoS) Version 4.1

The service Allocation Model for non-medical Services in Hospitals (LemoS) is part of the service Catalogue for non-medical services in hospitals (LekaS) and summarises its content as an illustration.