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Centre of Molecular Biology and Microbiology

«Microorganisms offer an enormous biotechnological potential that it’s important to discover and use.»

Prof. Dr. Martin Sievers, Head of section

Molecular Biology Section
Microorganisms offer a variety of uses. We investigate interesting microbial strains to explore their potential for the development of products and applications in biotechnology.

As a special feature we apply our extensive experience of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to address questions of protein engineering, chemistry and diagnostics. We work intensively in this area with other groups from the Life Sciences.

Microbiology and Biofilm Section
In our research and teaching we deal with microbial systems, especially with biofilms. We mainly examine the behaviour of biofilm-forming bacteria on selected surfaces and in the presence of certain inhibitors in industrial and medical technological systems with own or customised test systems.

In cooperation with other ZHAW groups (e.g. development of new antimicrobial agents), we also perform susceptibility tests.