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New method for measuring the population of Drosophila suzukii

For a number of years now, the Drosophila suzukii from Asia has been present in Switzerland. With its hard ovipositor, it also lays its eggs in ripe fruit. Such fruit is no longer edible after a short time. This is not good news for those with orchards!

Johannes Fahrentrapp, from the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences at the ZHAW, is monitoring the population of these pests with a new trap. The traps are photographed, using a drone, at specific time intervals and the Drosophila suzukii are then counted using the images.

Currently, monitoring is still being performed with elaborate cup traps. The pests are caught using a bait, then identified and counted by hand.

The new trap is already being used for research purposes at the Wädenswil Wine Centre (WBZW).

A new method for testing fruit for infestation using antibodies is also being examined. article on 22 October 2020