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MODO - Restroom and washing machine for a circular future

Washing clothes and using the toilet without needing a water and electricity supply from the grid? The demonstration plant «MODO» of the research group eco-technology makes this possible! The toilet is open to all, and public laundry days are held twice a week. Here you can become part of our research by visiting the toilet and washing your clothes!

What is MODO?

MODO stands for Mobile Ecotechnology Demonstration Object. The MODO shows how we can save water and keep it in a closed cycle. Inside the trailer is a urine-diverting dry toilet and a recirculating washing machine. Our researchers are investigating how the water can be purified after washing and reused for washing. Water losses are replenished with rainwater. Thanks to a photovoltaic system on the roof of the trailer, this concept makes it possible to develop a laundromat that is completely independent of the central water and electricity supply. This innovation is currently being developed into a marketable solution in South Africa as part of the LaundReCycle project.

The principle of circularity is also applied to the urine-diverting dry toilet integrated in the trailer: Instead of disposing the nutrients contained in the wastewater, the urine is turned into fertilizer (Aurin from Vuna). In the scope of scientific experiments, the faeces are converted to biochar by pyrolysis and used in agriculture to improve the soil. If no experiments are running, the faeces are composted in a worm composter. In both ways, the nutrients are returned to the nutrient cycle.

Wash and Wipe for Science - Now it's your turn!

Interested in washing your clothes and using the toilet in a resource-efficient manner? Come by and become part of our research yourself. MODO’s doors are open - ideal for all those who are looking for a public, quiet toilet or who don't feel like arguing with their neighbours about the washing schedule.

In a long-term and applied experiment, MODO will be tested for its suitability for everyday use. To make this experiment a success, we need your support! We need as much dirty laundry as possible and people to use the toilet.

Therefore, you are invited to drop off your dirty laundry at MODO during the bi-weekly laundry day. Motivated students will wash your clothes for you and for our research. If the weather is nice, you are welcome to combine your visit with a coffee for nice conversations, or a walk in the beautiful gardens of the Grüental campus. Interested persons without dirty laundry are also welcome to learn more about MODO and to donate something "organic" for the dry toilet.

With your visit you help us to collect valuable data about the operation of MODO and thus further the development for resource-efficient water solutions.

Opening hours and events


Open every day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm - just stop by!


We are on vacation for the Summer. Please come by for our re-opening on the 21.09.2022!
After the re-opening we will return to the following schedule:

  • Wednesday 9:30 - 16:00, drop off laundry until 15:00
  • Saturday washing will be paused for the summer
  • What to bring: dirty laundry or curiosity to learn more about MODO
  • How we wash: 40°C with biodegradable products (detergent available). Laundry is washed the same day if possible and hung for drying in a theft-proof room
  • Pick up: The laundry can be picked up on the next washing day (Wednesday).


More information about MODO