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Take a closer look - INSIDE PREFS

In this portrait, our student our PREFS student Fabiano De Gani tell us, how he persuaded a successful Zurich pizzeria to break with tradition and take a new innovative approach to making their Neapolitan pizza dough.

"In the self-organized module "Individual Skills" as part of my MSc in Preneurship for Regenerative Food Systems, we as students get to develop critical skills for our professional development. The module gave me the great opportunity to personally pick, organize and learn the content myself. As a dough enthusiast and Neapolitan pizza aficionado, I decided to combine my passion and my skills. This led me to two specialized courses in northern Italy, which gave me deep insights into the science and technique of Neapolitan pizza.

I got the lucky opportunity to work part-time as a pizzaiolo in Zurich. This allowed me to apply what I had learnt directly and put my vision into practice. It enabled me to implement a new dough process in an already successful pizzeria. From testing and tasting different types of flour to procuring a modern dough mixer from Italy and training my colleagues: every step was a challenge. However, I accepted all of this with great enthusiasm.

These experiences not only gave me more knowledge about the complex science of dough and pizza, but also showed me the challenges of successful change management in the catering industry. I learnt how to communicate my vision, coordinate teams, and appreciate the value of a positive attitude and open communication.

What impressed me most was the realization that you can move mountains with passion and the power of persuasion. What once seemed impossible became reality through commitment and enthusiasm. So: dream big and stay curious!"

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