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Our first publication in 2022 now online in Nature Communications

Employing algorithm-aided enzyme engineering, we tailor the (Fe(II)/ a-KG) halogenase WelO5* to functionalize bulky polyketides.

Late-stage functionalization of unactivated carbon-hydrogen bonds using synthetic organic chemistry is difficult to achieve. In our publication, we describe a biocatalytic approach. We used machine learning to engineer WelO5* halogenase variants able to regionselectively chlorinate inert C-H bonds on soraphen, a non-natural enzyme substrate.


Algorithm-aided engineering of aliphatic halogenase WelO5* for the asymmetric late-stage functionalization of soraphens. J. Büchler, S. Honda Malca, D. Patsch, M. Voss, N. J. Turner, U. T. Bornscheuer, O. Allemann, C. Le Chapelain, A. Lumbroso, O. Loiseleur & R. Buller. Nature Communications. January 18, 2022.