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Research Centre of Digital Labs & Production

The research group Digital Labs & Production connects people, spaces and processes in the life sciences. From mixed-reality digital twins via progressive web applications to machine-to-machine interfaces, we connect physical and digital worlds through data and analytics.

About us

The centre combines specific methodological and technological expertise in the digitization and virtualization of laboratories, processes and production facilities in the life sciences. This includes, on the one hand, the networking of devices, processes and people using interfaces, data pipelines and data management and, on the other hand, the mapping of physical systems and infrastructures to models and simulation environments. Digital twins are a good example of how these topics interact.

Three research groups are active in this field.

Our Research Groups

Simulation & Optimization

Strategic, tactical and operational process optimization using modelling and simulation tools are the focus of the research group. This includes the modelling and simulation of the dynamics of heterogeneous, complex systems as well as the investigation, optimization and control of their behaviour.

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Data Management & Visualization

The research group specializes in the development of systems for data aggregation, transformation and management. Processing pipelines are designed and implemented to take data from their sources (e.g. graphic user interfaces, wearable sensors, measuring probes) through preparation steps (incl. quality control and homogenization) to storage solutions, analysis and visualization of results and insights.

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Edge Computing & Interfaces

The research group combines dynamic physical structures with digital environments using sensor, actuators, and edge computing. The group supports automation and decentralized intelligent data processing in the life sciences by connecting people, machines, and contexts.

Team Digital Labs & Production