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Fees and costs

The costs of studying on a degree programme at the ZHAW comprise the tuition fees, the costs of materials and field trips and your living expenses. The tuition fees are set by the Government Council of the Canton of Zurich in the ordinance on tuition fees at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (in German) and apply to all students (full-time and part-time students, resit students, students on a work placement semester, students who withdraw from a programme, etc.).

The fees for the admission process must be paid in any event, even if you are not admitted to the later stages of the process (e.g. aptitude assessment) or if you are not accepted on the programme. During your studies, further costs may arise, e.g. for software. You can find further information in the regulations on fees and contributions (in German).

Description Frequency Cost
Registration fee for admission process [1] once CHF 100.–
Enrolment fee for Bachelor's and Master's programmes [2] once CHF 100.–
Tuition fees for Bachelor's and Master's programmes [3] per semester CHF 720.–
Fixed charge for students on leave of absence [4] per semester CHF 300.–
Additional tuition fees for students who are not Swiss residents [5] per semester CHF 500.–
Membership of the Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ) per semester CHF 35.–
Membership of the ZHAW Students Association (Alias) per semester CHF 20.–
Fees for guest auditors (depending on the number of courses attended) per semester CHF 100.– to 600.–

[1] Fee according to § 2 ordinance on tuition fees 
[2] Applicants are exempt from paying the registration fee for the admissions process if they pass the admissions assessment/test and enrol for the next available programme start date.
[3] According to §4 of the regulations on tuition fees
[4] According to § 25, paragraph 5 of the general examination regulations for Bachelor's and Master's programmes at the ZHAW, students on leave of absence are exempt from paying tuition fees. According to the regulations on fees and contributions (in German), they pay a fixed charge per semester of CHF 300.– to cover their e-mail account, campus card, use of the University Library and general administration costs. This fixed charge also applies to students on the Bachelor’s programmes at the School of Health Sciences who attend the additional module C and to students who do delay the completion of their programme (e.g. by postponing submission of their thesis).
[5] Under Swiss law, non-Swiss nationals who come to Switzerland to study are not considered residents of Switzerland (Art. 23 Swiss Civil Code). In addition to the regular tuition fee, they pay an additional tuition fee of CHF 500.– during the entire duration of their studies (even if they move their official place of residence to Switzerland after commencing their studies). Official residency under civil law is not possible if the residence permit was issued for study/educational purposes.

Additional Fees

The following additional fees for the ZHAW School of Management and Law Bachelor's degree programs apply:

Notebook Computers

All students should own a notebook computer, preferably using MS Windows. This must be purchased by the student.

VPN (virtual private network) allows students to access the secure ZHAW School of Management and Law servers from an unsecured internet connection, giving them access to the school's IT infrastructure and services.

Additional fees

Addition Fee
Entrance exam for universities of applied sciences [1], general education CHF 200
Software use [2] (per semester) CHF 30
Key deposit (one-off charge, full-time students) CHF 100
Repeat order of confirmation of enrollment CHF 30
Certified transcript of ECTS records (TOR) CHF 30
Certified copies documents (postage not included) CHF 30
E-mail account, Campuscard, library services, general administration for students on leave [3] CHF 300
Books (per semester) approx. CHF 750

[1] Necessary only if the student does not hold a federally recognized academic or vocational baccalaureate (high school diploma).

[2] Licenses for MS Office, MS Teams, Azureforeducation (Windows 11 Edu, Visio) and use of Sharepoint, WebEX, scanner, various e-journals, etc. are provided. Single-user licenses for the statistics program SPSS, Acrobat, etc. are not issued to students.

[3] In return, these students are exempt from paying the semester tuition fee

Study Year Abroad

The cost of spending a year studying abroad as part of the International Management program varies depending on where the student chooses to go to. They include the following:

Travel Expenses

This includes the cost of a round trip ticket and any additional local transport costs.


Most partner universities provide assistance in finding accommodation. In general, there are four housing options abroad: a rented apartment, sharing an apartment with others, a student dormitory, or a homestay with a host family.

Living Expenses

Insurance / Banking

Prior to their departure, students should verify if their insurance coverage meets their needs while studying abroad. If not, they should consider taking out additional cover.

Students should also find out if their bank will charge extra for withdrawing cash in their host country.

The cost of travelling to and from the host country vary considerably depending on location. Some airlines offer special student discounts.

Estimated Costs

Country Cost in CHF
Europe CHF 13,000.– to 18,000.–
USA CHF 20,000.– to 40,000.–
Canada CHF 12,000.– to 24,000.–
Asia CHF 15,000.– to 35,000.–