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Use the application portal to apply online for a place at the ZHAW. You will be guided through the application, admission and enrolment process.

Preparing Your Application

Before applying for the first time, please prepare the following information and documentation (as electronic files), which are all required if you wish to apply online:

We recommend submitting as many documents as possible when you first register. Documents that are not yet available can also be uploaded at a later date:

Applicants with foreign qualifications: Please note the information on this page and this fact sheet to determine if your university entrance qualification is sufficient.

If you have to take an entrance exam because you do not meet all the requirements: Please note that it is only available in German.

Resumption of studies
If you resume your BSc studies in the same discipline at ZHAW, you will be credited with the modules already completed. If a module has already been assessed, it cannot be retaken. Reentry takes place in the semester in which you take the modules you have not already completed. Modules can only be retaken after failing the respective module group in accordance with § 11 (2) (assessment) and § 15 (2) (main study period) of the academic regulations for BSc programs.

Online Application

1.      Creating a SWITCH-edu-ID

To log in, you need a SWITCH edu-ID code. After you have created an account, please return to this page and study the step-by-step instructions below.

2.      Step-by-Step Instructions

These detailed Instructions as well as the auxiliary sheet (key to symbols/icons) will help you in applying online. Before your application can be processed, an application fee of CHF 100 must be paid.

If you expect e-mails from us during the admission procedure and do not receive any, please check your spam folder (especially Hotmail and Outlook accounts). If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact Student Services.

This link will take you to your online application at any time: My Application

Direct Entry to the Main Study Program

If you have a HF diploma that entitles you to direct entry (see admission requirements), you can register online as described above. When registering, please choose to enter the 4th semester part-time (spring semester).

Application deadlines

Semester Date
Regular admission to the 1st semester 30 April
Direct admission to the 4th semester (part-time) 31 December
Direct admission to the 3rd semester (full-time) 30 June

Dispensations / Recognition of Students' Achievements

Please note the detailed information in the respective application form. Applications for the 2021/2022 fall semester will have to be submitted by 20 August 2021.

Applications for dispensation have to be submitted on time even if some of the required information (e.g., grades) is not yet available.

Compulsory Orientation Day / Start of Program

The compulsory Orientation day takes place in the week of  13 – 17 September 2021 (calendar week 37). The International Management program has two Orientation days.

The degree program begins on 20 September 2021 (calendar week 38) with the start of classes.

Class Schedule and Class Assignment

The School of Management and Law’s respective units are responsible for the creation of class schedules and the assignment of students to classes. Individual requests by students concerning their class schedules or the classes to which they are assigned will not be taken into account.

Please note that the class schedules for part-time and FLEX students in all degree programs are fixed for all four academic years. For an overview of the planned teaching slots, please refer to the document "Anwesenheiten im Teilzeitstudium" ("Classes for Part-Time Students") under the respective specialization (see Structure and Admission).

If you have any questions, please contact Student Services: