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Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration – FLEX

FLEX is a study format combining online learning with classroom sessions.

The ZHAW School of Management and Law has a new study format that offers maximum flexibility: FLEX combines online lessons with classroom sessions. You acquire knowledge to a large extent online - whenever and wherever it suits you. Additionally, you also attend regular classes in a compact format on our campus in Winterthur.

FLEX is a complete and fully recognized course of study: Concerning the degree you earn as well as its instructors, learning content, and exams, it is identical to a part-time program. Moreover, you do not have to do it alone. Our instructors will support you at every step of your online studies: In live chats, forums and by e-mail, they will stay in touch with you and your fellow students. The workload of the FLEX program corresponds to that of a part-time program, taking eight semesters to complete.

Learning Online

Whenever you want: Over lunch, at night, or on weekends…
Wherever you want: At home, at work, or in a cafe...
However you want: On a laptop, tablet, or smartphone…
Using videos, live chats with instructors, or interactive quizzes…

Learning in Class

When? For two days every three weeks
Where? Winterthur campus
How? Classroom instruction and group work; direct exchange with
instructors and other students

FLEX: A complete and fully recognized course of study

  • The degree, instructors, learning content, and exams are identical to those of a part-time program.
  • Our instructors support you individually, both in class and online
  • The workload corresponds to that of a part-time study program and takes eight semesters to complete. We strongly advise you not to commit to an external workload of more than 60 percent while enrolled in a FLEX program.
  • The FLEX program requires 50 percent less attendance than a regular part-time program.
  • The FLEX format is designed for students with firm commitments in terms of their schedules or work environments. This includes professionals with working hours or a workplace that would make part-time study difficult.