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Talking to Nadja Hauser

Nadja Hauser, alumna of the CAS in Corporate Responsibility 2020, is communications and social media manager at the swisscleantech association.

What professional situation made you enroll in a corporate responsibility continuing education program?

As a communications officer at the swisscleantech association, I work at the interface between business, politics, and sustainability. The aim is, on the one hand, to raise awareness among Swiss politicians and work out the necessary framework conditions and clever laws that make sustainable business pay off. On the other hand, we want to motivate companies to get involved in issues such as climate change. The CAS program was a good way to better understand their perspective.

Why did you choose the CAS in Corporate Responsibility program at the ZHAW School of Management and Law?

Where I work, the topic of sustainability is particularly relevant at the political and macroeconomic levels. The CAS in Corporate Responsibility gave me a better understanding of the entrepreneurial perspective. Representatives of companies gave valuable insights into the practical implementation of sustainability issues and, in a relatively short time, we gained a broad overview of the subject. Throughout, it was still possible for me to work a full-time job.

“The program helped me to understand the priorities that companies set when they develop corporate responsibility strategies and how they communicate these to selected stakeholders. What I have learned has complemented my previous experience in everyday working life.”

Nadja Hauser

What were your personal highlights during the course?

I found the active discussions in class extremely exciting – especially since the participants came from many different (personal and professional) backgrounds and worked in different industries. Everyone's interest in the topic was evident, which generated a positive team spirit throughout the program.

How did you experience the intensive seminars?

The intensive seminars were very entertaining and varied. There were still many topics that could have been discussed further. Overall, I benefited so much, and we always treated each other with respect. It was a shame that COVID-19 led to certain restrictions and that the classes had to be carried out virtually towards the end. Nevertheless, everyone went to great lengths to make the best of the situation.

Did you make valuable professional and/or personal contacts?

The diverse mix of participants repeatedly led to interesting discussions. Coupled with the interest we all shared in sustainability issues, I found this diversity very inspiring. There were enough opportunities to exchange ideas with speakers, lecturers, and participants and to expand our personal networks.

Would you recommend the CAS in Corporate Responsibility program at the ZHAW School of Management and Law to others?

Yes. The CAS offers a good balance of theory and practice. Anyone who wants to deepen his or her knowledge of sustainability management or is interested in launching a corporate responsibility integration project is in good hands here.

CAS Corporate Responsibility

The CAS in Corporate Responsibility provides participants with the tools they need to embed corporate responsibility and sustainability management as a strategic goal and thereby contribute to the success of a company. Specialists teach the content of this program with a balanced mix of current concepts and instruments as well as practical examples.